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Solotica Natural Colors

Uniting beautiful natural coloring with a light limbal ring, the yearly Solotica Natural Colors collection will give you an awe-inspiring look. Boasting 9 groundbreaking colors from pistachio greens to ocean blues, this collection will give you the eyes of your dreams. Lasting for a year, this pigment-packed collection from Solotica is sure to be your perfect partner!

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Solotica Natural Colors Collection are one of the most popular colored contact lenses with a light limbal ring in the world

Solotica Natural Colors are colored lenses which feature a slight limbal ring to contrast against the iris. Natural Colors are a yearly lens available in 9 beautiful shades.

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The main difference between Natural Colors and Hidrocor is the limbal ring and colors available. Solotica Natural Colors has a slight limbal ring and comes in 9 colors while Hidrocor comes in 12 colors with no limbal ring.

Solotica Natural Colors are a yearly lens made from Polymacon with water content of 38%, base curve of 8.7 and diameter of 14.2mm. Solotica Natural Colors are available in prescription ranges from 0.00 to -10.00 and also in toric for astigmatism.

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Yes, Solotica Natural Colors lenses are fully FDA approved – 510 (K) K160472 classified as soft contact lenses for daily wear. Natural Colors are also CE certified in the European Union and UK as well as registered by the FDA of Saudi Arabic and approved by the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates.

Solotica Natural Colors are available in both plano (0.00 power) or to -10.00 prescription (rx power)

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Solotica Natural Colors are intended to last for up to one year. They should be cared for correctly and stored properly after each use.

Solotica Natural Colors are available with global express shipping from

Solotica Natural Colors lenses are popular all across the United States in California, Texas, Florida, New York and in most other States, in the UK and are also becoming more and more popular in the Europe in countries like Germany, France, Italy among the EU. We offer delivery to Middle East in countries like United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries. The delivery usually only takes 3-5 working days to any country in the world. In the UAE, we will usually be able to deliver your lenses on the next working day, in Dubai in some cases even on the same day. You can refer to our Shipping Time for more details.

According to Solotica, there is no intentional change in Natural Colors opacity from year to year but it can be from one production lot to another there is slight variation which is known only to Solotica. These variations are always within the quality control ISO standards.

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