Freshkon Alluring Eyes Colored Contacts

Freshkon Alluring Eyes

Subtly enlarge your iris with FreshKon Alluring Eyes. Within this collection you will discover classic browns, blacks and greys which will seamlessly enhance your eyes natural beauty. Choose between monthly or daily disposable lenses as you enhance your eyes natural beauty!
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Alluring Eyes are color contact lenses that work to enhance your iris and make your eyes look beautiful and brighter. With a variation in subtle eye-enhancing colors, Alluring Eyes will make your eyes sparkle!

FreshKon Alluring Eyes lenses are available in both daily disposable lenses, and monthly lenses. Alluring Eyes daily disposables come in packs of ten while the monthly lenses come as a pair.

The most popular FreshKon Alluring Eyes colors are Winsome Brown, Mystical Black, and Majestic Brown.

FreshKon Alluring Eyes lenses are available on With a large quantity of stock, you can expect your delivery in a few days from ordering.

Alluring eyes offer more classic eye-enhancing shades of browns, blacks, and greys. The FreshKon Colors Fusion collection, on the other hand, is a more playful collection using vibrant colors.

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