Freshkon Moondust Colored Contacts

Freshkon Moondust

The newest to the FreshKon family, the monthly Moondust collection really is dreamy. Available in 3 enchanting colors this range, with unique 3-tone print pattern, gives a natural finish and will let your eyes sparkle!
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FreshKon Moondust lenses are the newest addition to the FreshKon lineup. Available in three colors, the Moondust collection uses a 3-tone print pattern to create natural beauty that will let your eyes dazzle!

FreshKon Mosaic lenses are monthly lenses. They can be worn daily for up to one month.

FreshKon Moondust comes in 3 stunning shades: Moondust Gray, Moondust Brown and, Moondust Green. Moondust Green is the most popular color in the collection.

FreshKon Moondust lenses are available on You can buy authentic products at the best prices.

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