Amara Celebrity Color Lenses

Amara Celebrity

If you’re looking for colored contact lenses in rich browns, hazels, and grays to cover your dark brown eyes and have an iris enlarging effect, Amara’s latest collection Celebrity edition is the one for you! These natural colored contact lenses are endorsed by famous celebrities, top makeup artists, and beauty influencers from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, and across the GCC. Choose from light delicate hazels to deep mysterious browns to add that extra bit of sparkle to your eyes.
Set Descending Direction
  1. Fouz Al Fahhad, Amara Cocoa Celebrity Lenses
    Amara Cocoa - 2 lenses
    Price per pack $40.80
  2. Amal Al Awadi Lenses, Amara Aishwarya
    Amara Aishwarya - 2 lenses
    Price per pack $40.80
  3. Amara Sunset | Amal Al Ansari Colored Contact Lesnes
    Amara Sunset - 2 lenses
    Price per pack $40.80
  4. Shahad Al Zahrani with Amara Promise Lenses
    Amara Promise - 2 lenses
    Price per pack $40.80
  5. Amara Earthy Buthaina Al Raisi Celebrity Edition
    Amara Earthy - 2 lenses
    Price per pack $40.80
  6. Reem Al Ashrafi's favorite color contact lens, Amara Reemy
    Amara Reemy - 2 lenses
    Price per pack $40.80

Amara’s latest celebrity collection features Ghadeer Sultan, Reem Al Ashrafi, Zainab Al Alwan, Buthaina Al Raisi, Amal Al Ansari, Fouz Al Fahhad, Amal Al Awadi and Shahad Al Zahrani.

8 stunning colors are available in Amara’s celebrity collection. The colors available are: Deserto, Reemy, Tan, Earthy, Sunset, Cocoa, Aishwarya and Promise.

All lenses in this collection come as a monthly disposable lens meaning you can wear these color contact lenses daily for up to one month, ensuring they are stored and cared for correctly.