Acuvue Define  Contact Lenses

Acuvue Define

Acuvue Define comes to you with the power to enhance your eyes natural beauty in a convenient and comfortable daily lens. These lenses blend seamlessly with your own eye color to bring definition and depth which will sparkle wherever you are! Utilizing their exclusive Lacreon technology, Acuvue Define will provide all day comfort and perfect vision.
Set Descending Direction
  1. Acuve Define Vivid Style
    Acuvue Define Vivid Style - 30 lenses
    Price per pack $43.50
  2. Acuvue Define Natural Shine
    Acuvue Define Natural Shine - 30 lenses
    Price per pack $43.50
  3. Acuvue Define Radiant Bright
    Acuvue Define Radiant Bright - 30 lenses
    Price per pack $43.50

Vivid Style

Maroon limbal ring with a chestnut brown pattern to give a vibrant look

Natural Shine

Dark grey limbal ring with yellow gold shine to give a sophisticated look

Radiant Bright

A dark brown limbal ring blending into a natural iris to give a bright captivating look

Acuvue Define are one step above colored contacts and work to enhance your natural eye color creating an extremely natural look with iris inspired designs. They contain one of the highest levels of UV protection on the market and come in both plano and strong prescriptions. Using their exclusive Lacreon Technology, Acuvue Define are one of the most comfortable lenses in the world.

We ship Acuvue Define to the US, UK, Canada, Europe, GCC countries and more! offers global express shipping on all Acuvue Define lenses. To see specific shipping times to your country please click here

Acuvue Define comes in 3 different colors and styles.

Acuvue Define Vivid Style has a dark brown limbal ring with a beautiful chestnut pattern which blends beautifully with the wearer’s natural iris.

Acuvue Define Natural Shine has a dark grey limbal ring with a golden shine. These are perfect at enlarging and contrasting people will dark eyes.

Acuvue Radiant Bright features a dark brown limbal ring which blends seamlessly into the wearer’s iris.

Acuvue Define offers a new type of colored contact which works to enhance the wearer’s natural eye color, rather than change it completely.

Acuvue Define Natural Shine lenses are best for dark eyes as they add beautiful contrast.

Acuvue Define are daily lenses sold in packs of 30. They contain 58% water content and block 97% of UVB and 81% of UVA. They are available in 0.00 to -9.00 rx power.

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