Air Optix Colors Colored Contacts

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Air Optix COLORS are the colored contact lens brand launched by Alcon. Created with a modern silicone hydrogel, Air Optix COLORS provide exceptional comfort for long periods of wear. The Air Optix family has been proven and tested in terms of comfort and breathability enabling wearers to achieve their dream eye color, without compromising on lens comfort.

Freshlook COLORBLENDS have a bigger lens diameter with a measurement of 14.5mm, while Air Optix COLORS have a diameter of 14.2mm. The difference in look is subtle but Freshlook lenses will appear slightly bolder due to their larger lens diameter. Air Optix lenses will, therefore, look slightly more natural.

Air Optix COLORs are also produced with a unique printing technique where the colored layer is covered with a clear coating which helps evenly distribute the opacity of the color across the lens.

Air Optix COLORS offer nine subtle to vivid shades namely Sterling Gray, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey, Gray, Blue, Green, Pure Hazel and Brown. Among the colors mentioned above, Gray is well-known to be the bestseller followed by Pure Hazel and Green.

Air Optix COLORS lenses are a monthly lenses and can be worn for up to one month. When you should change your colored contact lenses depends on how well you look after your lenses. To ensure your Air Optix lenses last for their full monthly cycle you should ensure you care for and store your lenses correctly.

Air Optix COLORS are created using a modern silicone hydrogel to ensure they are one of the most comfortable colored contact lenses for the wearer.

Air Optix Colors are colored contact lenses, but there are also Air Optix clear lenses for astigmatism!

Yes, you can buy Air Optix COLORS from in plano (0.00 power) right through to -8.00 power.

Yes, when used correctly and confirmed with your eye doctor, Air Optix COLORS are safe to use for many.