Air Optix Colors Colored Contacts

Set Descending Direction

Air Optix Colors are monthly lenses meaning they are suitable for daily wear for up to one month. You should always ensure you clean and store your Air Optix Colors lenses correctly to ensure they last their full cycle. After one month from opening your lenses they should be discarded and new ones worn.

Air Optix COLORS offer 12 subtle to vivid shades namely Sterling Gray, Brilliant Blue, Gemstone Green, Honey, Gray, Blue, Green, Pure Hazel and Brown. Among the colors mentioned above, Gray is well-known to be the bestseller followed by Pure Hazel and Green.

Each Air Optix Colors product comes with 2 lenses in a box. These lenses are suitable for monthly wear and should be replaced after this period has expired. The 2 lenses come in various powers ranging from 0 (plano) to -8.00. There is an option to choose different powers if your eyes have different prescription requirements.

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Air Optix Colors offer a choice of 12 vibrant color ways that can transform even dark brown eyes into the desired shade. Choose from blues, greens, grays and browns and switch up your look with Air Optix Colors today. Check the best colored contacts for dark brown eyes

Air Optix Colors are comfortable and safe color contact lenses. The level of comfortability will depend on the individuals eyes but as a reputable brand and available in a monthly disposable lens, they are some of the most comfortable lenses on the market.

Air Optix Colors are available in a choice of 12 different colors. The most popular color contacts in the collection include Sterling Gray, Pure Hazel and Green.