Freshlook Colors

Freshlook Colors

Freshlook Colors, is a naturally enhancing monthly colored contact lens collection from Freshlook. Designed to brighten your natural eye color, these colored contacts do not have a limbal ring and are monotone. Freshlook Colors contact lenses are available with correction or purely for cosmetic use. Choose from four fabulous shades, blue, green, violet and hazel and make your green eyes even greener without any obvious change or make your brown eyes a bit lighter and brighter when wearing Hazel. Find the shade that best suits your personal style and preference and feel naturally enhanced when wearing your Freshlook Colors contacts.
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Freshlook Colors lenses are monthly lenses meaning they can last up to one month with correct care and storage.

You can buy Freshlook Colors contact safely and securely at - the world's largest color lens store. We are authorized resellers of Freshlook lenses and offer global express shipping on all orders.

Freshlook Colors lenses are safe to wear providing you have confirmed with your eye doctor that lenses are suitable for your eyes. Freshlook lenses are also FDA aproved

Freshlook Colors lenses come with 2 lenses in pack. This pair is suitable for daily wear for up to one month from the first opening.

Freshlook Colors lenses are comfortable to wear if you ensure you clean and store them correctly. If you experience any discomfort you should remove your lenses and inspect them for any dirt or tears.

Freshlook Colors and Freshlook Colorblends offer different color choices between the collections. Freshlook Colors are available in a choice of 4 color ways whilst Freshlook Colorblends come with a choice of 12 shades.

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