Monthly Colored Contacts

Monthly Colored Contacts

Monthly colored contact lenses are one of the most popular options when choosing lenses. Suitable for daily wear for up to one month, they are a great choice if you like to switch up your color choices regularly and if you are happy to clean and store your lenses after wear. Many of our brands stock monthly colored contact lens options so you’re sure to find something in our line-up of the world’s best monthly colored contact lens brands! Browse monthly colored contact lenses from Freshlook, Solotica, Amara, Diva, FreshKon and more.

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Yes, many leading colored contact lens brands offer monthly colored contact lenses. At we offer some of the best brands globally for colored contacts with Solotica, Anestheisa, Bella, FreshKon and more offering a monthly option for colored contact lenses.

Yes, some brands offer monthly colored contacts that are US FDA approved. Solotica Hidrocor Monthly is an FDA approved brand available to buy securely and safely from our online store.

Many people enjoy the flexibility monthly colored contact lenses are better. With a longer cycle than daily lenses, they can be enjoyed every day for up to one month if stored and cared for correctly. A month cycle also makes it a great option if you enjoy testing out new colors and styles.

Yes, you can get monthly colored contact lenses with a prescription from many leading brands. At we stock prescription monthly colored contact lenses from brands such as Solotica, Anesthesia, Bella, FreshKon and more. If you require a prescription you can simply add power to the lenses when you are selecting your product. Some brands offer different prescription grades so it’s worth checking out a few brands to see if they offer the right one for you.

Yes, all our monthly colored contact lenses are available without a prescription. When you select your lenses on our store they will default to 0.00 power so you can add them to your cart, checkout and wait for your new lenses to arrive quickly and safely.

Currently, there aren’t monthly colored contacts available for astigmatism. Solotica however does offer a yearly lens option for astigmatism in their best-selling collections Hidrocor, Hidrocor Rio and Natural Colors. You can select your favorite color and then select your specific prescription so your lenses can be custom made for your eyes.

All our monthly colored contact lens brands offer lenses that are suitable for covering dark eyes. Our favorite brands for dark eyes include Diva as well as the Amara Celebrity and Monthly collections. With a stunning array of colors to choose from, you can transform your dark eyes into lighter, stunning shades.

Many of our monthly colored contact lens brands are natural for brown eyes. Solotica has regularly been named one of the most natural colored contact lens brands on the market and their Hidrocor Monthly collection is no exception to this.

Monthly colored contact lenses are safe to wear if you ensure you buy from a reputable seller or reseller and that colored contacts are safe for your eyes. You should always check with your eye doctor before wearing contact lenses of any kind. All the brands we stock at are real brands and safe to wear if they are cared for correctly.

The most comfortable monthly colored contact lenses come down to personal preference. All our stocked brands have been designed for the best color as well as optimum comfort. Solotica, Amara, Diva and Freshlook all offer extremely comfortable monthly lenses.