Solotica Hidrocor Monthly Colored Contacts

Solotica Hidrocor Monthly

Inspired by the natural beauty of the bestselling Hidrocor collection, Solotica Hidrocor monthly features 5 mesmerizing tones in an easy-to-use, monthly lens. Without a limbal ring, this must-have selection of pigmented colors is perfect for enhancing your eyes with a soft and unbelievably natural finish.
Set Descending Direction

Solotica Hidrocor monthly brings to you the stunning natural finish from the Hidrocor yearly collection, in a convenient monthly disposable lens.

Solotica Hidrocor monthly contact lenses are inspired by 5 of the colors from the yearly Hidrocor collection: Hidrocor monthly Quartzo, Hidrocor monthly Ambar, Hidrocor monthly Ocre, Hidrocor monthly Cristal and Hidrocor monthly Topazio. While the colors are similar, they will differ slightly from the yearly Hidrocor collection in brightness and opacity.

Solotica Hidrocor is a yearly lens sold by single lens and Solotica Hidrocor monthly is a monthly disposable lens sold in a pack of 2 lenses. Solotica Hidrocor is available in 12 beautiful shades while Solotica Hidrocor monthly is available in 5 shades inspired by the yearly collection. Which to choose comes down to personal preference on replacement cycle and color. We also offer Solotica Hidrocor monthly in a 3-month saver pack if you prefer a quarterly cycle. You can view the yearly Hidrocor collection here.

Yes, Hidrocor monthly is available in both plano (0.00 power) and prescription down to -5.00