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Bella Diamond

Inspired by diamonds, this 3-monthly collection was created with a desire to brighten and enhance your eyes. With 7 precious shades to choose from, each Bella Diamond will offer bespoke sparkle each time you wear them.

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The 3-monthly Bella Diamond colored contact lens collection brought to by the team at Bella and launched by the world-famous Kim Kardashian, are available in seven precious shades that sparkle and shine bright, to light up your look! This glittering all-star collection is sure to make you the centre of attention!

Bella Diamond lenses are a 3-month lens designed for daily wear and is made from Polymacon, with 38% water content and UV blocking for your safety and comfort. Available in plano/0.00 power and prescription ranges from -0.50 to -6.00.

Find your perfect Diamond in this glittering range, from the deeply divine browns of Brown Shadow to the mystically light tones of Gray Shadow or try the beautifully Bold Gray Green with its intense limbal ring.

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Yes, Bella Diamond lenses are available in prescription (rx power) from -0.50 to -6.00.

Bella Diamond lenses last for up to 3 months if cared for correctly. They are designed for daily wear and should not be slept in. offer worldwide express shipping on all Bella Diamond lenses. To see the exact shipping times by country please click here