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Biweekly Contact Lenses

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Bi-Weekly Disposable Contact Lenses

If you are looking for contact lenses that offer a balance between comfort and lower maintenance, bi-weekly disposable contact lenses may be the best option for you.

What are bi-weekly disposable contact lenses?

Bi-weekly disposable contacts differ from other contact lenses in a number of ways but in short, it can last for up to two weeks of daily wear before disposal. Currently, offers Acuvue brand which comes in a pack of 6 lenses and are available in Nearsighted (Myopia), Farsighted (Hyperopia) prescription and even toric for astigmatism prescription.

Why wear bi-weekly disposable contact lenses?

Bi-weekly disposable is the best option if you don’t prefer using daily disposable or monthly disposable contact lenses. In addition, your eye care practitioner will consider your lifestyle and help you determine if two weekly disposable contact lenses are the right for you. To answer any of your delivery or contact lens product related questions. You can contact us via phone (+971 (0)43 791 791) email ( or live chat.

Where does deliver bi-weekly disposable contacts and how long will it take?

Upon receiving your order our process starts, our trained team at lens.ME will pick your bi-weekly disposable contact lenses, they will be double checked and then packed with care in our specially designed reusable box.
Our packaging is designed to be robust enough to ensure that your contacts arrive in perfect condition, can be reused as you like, folds flat for storage or if you prefer can be easily disposed. We are constantly working to improve our packaging design to reduce waste and ensure that your order arrives in perfect condition. We would love your feedback on our packaging and delivery service, you can share your feedback here (