Anesthesia Dream Colored Contacts

Anesthesia Dream and Anesthetic

Available as a 6-month lens, this decadent collection contains a wealth of mystifying colors which are guaranteed to put a sparkle in your eye. With 17 tones to choose from enriched with golds, grays and greens you are bound to find your dream color here!

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Anesthesia Anesthetic are colored contact lenses available in 13 striking shades which will suit any skin tone.

Anesthesia Dream lenses contain 4 alluring shades which feature a slight limbal ring for a bolder look.

For more info on limbal rings please read our blog < a href="">here

The Anesthesia Anesthetic and Dream collections are available from We hold one of the world’s largest stocks of Anesthesia lenses and offer global express shipping.

Anesthetic Fonesta, Anesthetic Tan and Anesthetic Mar are the most popular colors from the Anesthesia Anesthetic collection.

Dream Gray is the most desired color from the Anesthesia Dream collection.

Yes, both Anesthesia Anesthetic and Anesthesia Dream lenses come in plano (0.00 power) through to -6.00 in power.

Anesthesia Anesthetic and Dream lenses are all now 6-month lens. They can be worn daily for up 6 months if cared for correctly and should never be slept in. offer worldwide express shipping on all Anesthesia Anesthetic and Dream lenses so you can expect your lenses in a few days from ordering. To see the exact shipping times by country please click here