Anesthesia Addict  Colored Contacts

Anesthesia Addict

Designed just for you! The iconic Addict collection from Anesthesia has 12 mesmerizing shades to choose from. Perfect for creating your high volume look with a pop of color, or your understated glamourous look with more muted, rich earth toned shades. Find your favorite and be stylish, be decadent but always be fabulous when wearing Addict from Anesthesia!

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Anesthesia Addict lenses are cosmetic contact lenses available in 12 stunning colors, from natural to dramatic, depending what look you are after.

Anesthesia Addict lenses are available with worldwide express delivery from

Anesthesia Addict Blue is the most popular color in this collection closely followed by Anesthesia Addict Marron, Anesthesia Addict Azure and Anesthesia Addict Platino.

Yes, all Anesthesia Addict lenses come in plano (0.00 power) through to -6.00 in power.

Anesthesia Addict lenses are 6-month disposable lens intended for daily wear. They contain 38% water content and have a base curve 8.6and diameter of 14.2mm. Anesthesia Addict lenses are fully CE and FDA approved.

Anesthesia Addict lenses are a 6-month lens. Suitable for daily use, these lenses will last for up to 6 months when care for correctly.

With worldwide express delivery you can expect your Anesthesia Addict lenses quickly and safely from To see the exact shipping times by country please click here