Acuvue 2 - pack of 6 lenses

  • Water content: 58%
  • Oxygen permeability: 33Dk/t
  • Lens diameter: 14mm
  • Base curve: 8.7mm
  • Powers available: +8.00D to -12.00D in grades of 0.25D (0.5D from +/-6.00D)
  • Usage instructions: 2 week lenses for daily wear
  • Contents: 6 contact lenses
Price per pack $24.90
Prescription: Right Eye
We only get one set of eyes, so caring for them as a medical contact lens wearer is crucial. Comfort and clear vision are obviously some of your top priorities, but it’s important to remember that your eye health is equally essential. That’s where Acuvue 2 comes in, with lenses designed for optimal eye care.
Offering some of the highest UV protection on the market, Acuvue 2 works to let oxygen flow freely, giving your eyes the thing they need most. Rather than struggling to ignore the feeling of your lenses all day, their Infinity Edge design fits seamlessly along the contour of your eye, providing comfort that lasts. A moisturizing material that’s designed to last, Acuvue 2 will change the way you think about contacts.
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