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Solotica Hidrocor

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Solotica Hidrocor are the most popular Solotica lenses in the world

What are Hidrocor lenses?

Solotica Hidrocor don't have a limbal ring and are therefore extremely natural looking. Their opacity is high enough to cover the iris fully and to completely change the eye color. See a comparison of Hidrocor vs. Natural Colors vs. Hidrocharme to see the difference.

Are Solotica Hidrocor Colored Contact Lenses US FDA Approved?

Yes, Solotica Hidrocor contact lenses are fully US FDA approved 510 (K) K160472 classified as soft contact lenses for daily wear. In addition, Solotica lenses are also CE certified in the European Union and UK as well as registered by the FDA of Saudi Arabia and approved by the Ministry of Health of the United Arab Emirates.

Which Hidrocor colors are the most popular?

Hidrocor Quartzo is the most popular color of Solotica lenses. In case you prefer a lighter shade of gray, you might want to consider the Hidrocor Cristal or also the newly available Hidrocor Rio in the shade Parati.

Among the brown shades, Hidrocor Avela and Ocre are equally popular while Avela is a little darker than Ocre and therefore more subtle.

Among the green shades, the new color Hidrocor Ambar and the popular Hidrocor Mel are one of the most favorites for green colored contact lenses.

Among the blue shades, Hidrocor Topazio is the most popular as it provides a beautiful alluring look.

In general, among all the collections from Solotica contact lenses, Solotica Hidrocor line is the top choice by most of colored contact lens wearers. Even celebrities like Paris Hilton, Pia Mia and many more were impressed how natural looking these colored contacts are!

Where and when can we deliver Hidrocor Lenses?

Hidrocor Lenses are especially popular in the US in California, Texas, Florida and New York as well as in the  UK but are becoming more and more popular also in Europe, the United Arab Emirates and other GCC countries. The delivery usually only takes 3-5 working days to any country in the world. In the UAE, we will usually be able to deliver your lenses on the next working day

Can I order if I need Hidrocor with prescription power (rx)?

Sure, we at hold a large stock of Solotica lenses at all times and should also have your colour / rx power combination available.

In case we should not have your color in your power available, please just contact us on and we will be able to assist you.

Can I order online and buy the new opacity or old opacity Solotica Hidrocor from

According to Solotica, there is no intentional change in Hidrocor opacity from year to year but it can be that the production of one production lot varies slightly from another production slot under very specific conditions which are known only to Solotica. These variations are always within the quality controlled ISO standards. sells Hidrocor lenses of the newest and latest opacity as per our stock management logic. In case of any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

How long can I wear Solotica Hidrocor lenses for?

The lenses are intended for annual wear = they can be worn for up to one year for every day. They should never be worn longer than 12 hours if possible. In case of any redness or irritation make sure that the lenses are clean and stored properly. In case of stronger redness or pain, always consult an eye care specialist or eye doctor.

Can I sleep with Hidrocor lenses?

No, the lenses should always be taken out before going to sleep. They should be stored in a sterile lens case, each time with fresh contact lens solution. We specifically recommend a contact lens solution suitable for soft contact lenses. From the feedback of our customers, especially Biotrue and Renu from Bausch & Lomb are high quality products and very suitable for rinsing and storing your Hidrocor lenses.