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A small change can make a big difference! Freshlook color contact lenses will transform your dark and light eyes to extraordinary shades of blue, gray, green, brown and hazel.

Manufactured by Alcon, one of the leading contact lens producers in the world using a unique 3-in-1 technology, ensuring the comfort and quality thus providing contact lens wearers a remarkable experience. Freshlook contact lenses are very popular in the USA, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, Europe, Asian countries as well as in the Middle East including UAE and KSA. offers three different collections of the Freshlook brand offering a wide range of shades from vivid to bold colors.

Freshlook COLORBLENDS - this collection consisting of twelve different colors has a unique print combination of tri-tone technology combining brown with subtle colors for a natural look. Explore the full collection to transform your eyes with a fresh look of a warm pure hazel tone or a bold brilliant blue look, glowing sterling gray or warm honey eyes and many more.

Freshlook COLORS - find eye-catching shades in this collection if you are searching for colored contacts with solid hues of blue, green, hazel and violet. The subtle opacity of each color will enhance the result without a trace of limbal ring and black print.

Freshlook ONE-DAY - inspired from the Freshlook COLORBLENDS , this is the daily disposable collection with only four colors gray, blue, green and pure hazel. This collection offers a small diameter designed for the daily disposable lenses to keep the high comfort level while wearing colored contacts. Ideal for occasional wearers of colored lenses changing your ordinary eyes to an have an extra stylish look.

Freshlook contact lenses are popular across the world and are therefore manufactured by Alcon in severaly countries like USA, UK, Ireland, Asian countries including Malaysia and more. Have your Freshlook contact lenses delivered at your doorstep with free express shipping when ordering from