Acuvue Oasys Transitions - 6 lenses

  • The latest in contact lens innovation - photocromic contact lenses
  • 38% Water content
  • 14.0mm lens diameter
  • Base Curve: 8.4 mm / 8.8 mm
  • Replacement Schedule: 2 weeks (daily wear) or six consecutive nights (extended wear)
  • For dry and light sensitive eyes
  • Content: 6 contact lenses for biweekly wear
Price per pack $59.60
Prescription: Right Eye

Acuvue Transitions lenses

Acuvue Oasys Transitions contact lenses automatically adapt the tint level of the lens material depending on the environment of the wearer. In bright sunlight, they turn dark and therefore reduce the impact blaring light has on your vision. They also use blue light technology to adapt to scenarios when you are exposed to TVs or computer screens.

Why are Transitions lenses different from regular lenses?

Acuvue’s Oasys Transitions lenses use light intelligent technology to adapt to the environment of the wearer enabling both crisp clear vision and protecting from harsh lights such as UV rays or blue light from computer screens. The lenses will become darker in bright lights to help your eyes adapt however once you return to regular lighting, they very quickly return to their clear color.

How are Acuvue Oasys Transitions lenses sold?

Acuvue Oasys Transitions are sold in biweekly packs of 6 lenses which enable crisp vision with less squinting. 

What is the wearing time for Acuvue Oasys Transitions?

The wearing time of Acuvue Oasys Transitions will vary on the individual and how long it is comfortable to wear contact lenses for. Generally, contact lenses should be worn for between 8-12 hours a day. Acuvue Oasys Transitions lenses come in a bi-weekly replacement schedule so should always be properly cleaned and stored before reusing.

Where can I buy Acuvue transitions lenses?

You can buy Acuvue Oasys Transitions lenses from where we offer worldwide express shipping. Acuvue Oasys Transitions lenses are popular in USA, Canada, UK, UAE and other countries across the world.

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