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 Anesthesia Dream and Anesthetic Anesthesia USA lenses

 Dream and Anesthetic Collection

Addict Collection

Anesthesia USA


Set Descending Direction


Set Descending Direction


Anesthesia colour contact lenses

There are 3 main collections of Anesthesia contact lenses:

Anesthesia Dream and Anesthetic

Addict Collection

2016 Anesthesia USA Collection

Dream Gray 

Addict Gray

Vegas Pearl

Dream Green 

Addict Marron

Miami Sapphire

Dream Blue

Addict Azure

Chicago Apricot

Dream Hazel 

Addict Amarillo

NewYork Oliva

Anesthetic Blue 

Addict Oro

L.A Vanilla

Anesthetic Diamond

Addict Blue

Vegas Gray

Anesthetic Gray


L.A Cinnamon

Anesthetic Carbon


Chicago Blonde

Anesthetic Bronze


Chicago Green

Anesthetic Shadow


L.A Mocha

Anesthetic Aqua


New York Verde

Anesthetic Gold 


Miami Blue


Could you tell me when the new colours are available?

 To be informed when your colour is available in your power, please subscribe to our notification tool.


What are the most popular colours of Anesthesia lenses?

Dream Gray, Dream Blue and Anesthetic Bronze are highly demanded especially in the Middle Eastern countries like UAE, KSA and Qatar.

The new exciting colours, Addict Gray, Addict Maroon including the new colours of Anesthesia USA Vegas Pearl and LA Mocha are highly popular worldwide.

How long can Anesthesia lenses be used for?

The current collection Anesthesia lenses can be used for up to 3 months. The new Addict and Anesthesia USA collections will allow a usage period of 6 months.