Finding the right colored contacts can be challenging for dark brown eyes. You’ll see plenty of colored contact lens options on the market, but only a few brands offer the most natural looking result for brown eyes – particularly on very dark brown eyes!

25 Best Colored Contact Lenses For Brown Eyes

In this updated guide for 2024, we’ve curated a comprehensive list of the 25 best colored contact lenses specifically designed for dark eyes, offering the most natural-looking results. Whether you need prescription colored contacts or are seeking lenses with customized values for astigmatism, our selection has something for everyone.

Let's explore our highly recommended top 25 colored contact lenses that will transform your view on color contacts and enhance your natural beauty. From subtle enhancements to dramatic transformations, these lenses are perfect for achieving a striking new look.

25 Best Colored Contact Lenses For Dark Eyes - UPDATED 2024

1. Solotica Hidrocor Jade

In search of the most natural green colored contacts that can fully cover your dark brown eyes? Jade from Solotica Hidrocor range is the answer! These extremely natural green colored contacts can transform any eye color including the darkest brown eyes in an instant with a natural finish! Solotica Hidrocor Jade comes in a color combined with rich green tones with warm hazels to seamlessly mimic natural green eyes. Without a limbal ring, the result boosts naturalness and hardly anyone can tell your green eyes are colored contacts. You can order these green contact lenses with prescription and even available for custom-make for astigmatism prescription.

Solotica Hidrocor Jade

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2. Anesthesia Addict Blue

A top-selling shade from the Anesthesia brand, Anesthesia Addict Blue will never disappoint if you have been looking for natural blue colored contacts. Soft shades of blue with hints of brown make these blue colored contacts unbelievably natural making them one of the most popular blue contact lenses in the world. Rated excellent by customers who have tried on their dark brown eyes, there is no doubt as to why these blue colored contact lenses made it to this cut! Anesthesia Addict range is a half-yearly disposable color contact lens range along with Dream and Anesthetic and U.S.A line-ups.

Anesthesia Addict Blue

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3. Bella Elite Sandy Brown

If you are looking for a subtle change to optimize your natural brown eyes, you must try Elite Sandy Brown from the Bella color contact lens brand. There’s a reason why ‘Sandy’ is part of its color name as these soft brown colored contacts may also look brown gray depending on the lighting environment adding depth and mystery to your look. We highly recommend getting these colored contacts if you want a pair that would complement well your styling for both casual or special occasions.

Bella Elite Sandy Brown

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4. Solotica Natural Colors Agata

Meet the most natural brown colored contact lens from Solotica, Natural Colors Agata! Launched recently joining the success of the Solotica Natural Colors, a yearly contact lens range, this ultra-natural-looking brown colored contact lens was developed to enhance dark brown eyes – meaning, they blend seamlessly on dark brown eyes making it unnoticeable to be seen as colored contacts. If you’re doubtful about our words, you must try this color contact lens now and see it yourself.

Solotica Natural Colors Agata

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5. Freshlook Colorblends Brown

Brought to you by Alcon manufacturer, Freshlook color contact lens brand has been on the market for over 75 years. Over the years, Freshlook has established its reputation for being one of the most trusted colored contact lens brands by producing colored contacts using high-quality materials applied with advanced technology. Brown in particular from the Freshlook Colorblends range is among the popular when you hear ‘Freshlook’. These brown colored contacts are manufactured with dotted patterns to mimic the human iris. Few celebrities were seen wearing these natural brown contacts. Priyanka Chopra once was captured with beautiful brown eyes wearing these on the Hollywood red carpet.

Freshlook Colorblends Brown

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6. Air Optix Colors Gray

If you know Freshlook color contact lens brand, then Air Optix Colors is no stranger to you! Manufactured by Alcon, a pioneer in producing one of the most comfortable clear contact lenses on the market Air Optix Brand, you can enjoy your new eye color with long-lasting comfort with Air Optix Colors. The color Gray from this range is crafted to perfection with a feathered pattern mimicking natural eye color making Gray one of the most popular shades to try in this range. Selena Gomes, founder of cosmetic brand Rare Beauty was seen wearing this color at one of the Hollywood red carpet events.

Air Optix Colors Gray

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7. Solotica Aquarella Sienna Brown

For occasional colored contact lens wearers, daily disposable colored contact lenses are the best option to consider! Not just designed with a simple replacement cycle by discarding the lenses after use at the end of the day. You can find plenty of daily colored contact lens options on the market but we highly recommend checking out the Aquarella Daily collection from the Solotica brand. This Solotica collection offers 5 stunning shades that are designed to transform dark brown eyes into your choice of different shades – brown eyes, hazel eyes, blue eyes, gray eyes and green eyes in an instant! Solotica Sienna Brown in particular is the top bestselling color as it softens dark brown eyes whilst adding sparkle to natural light brown eyes.

Solotica Aquarella Sienna Brown

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8. Anesthesia Addict Lolite

Another color contact lens shade to check out from Anesthesia’s Addict collection is the color Lolite! If you think having a marble hazel with hints of green is impossible as a color contact lens color, with Addict Lolite, you can now have these beautiful eyes in an instant! Anesthesia Addict Lolite colored contacts are suitable for any skin complexion and any eye color – including dark or light brown eyes!

Anesthesia Addict Lolite

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9. Diva Amande

As beautiful as the sound of its name, Amande from Diva colored contact lens brand will impress everyone around! Combined with different shades of brown to accentuate natural brown eyes, these beautiful dark brown eyes are the perfect pair to be worn daily with or without makeup! If you’re new to colored contact lenses and want something soft and not striking, Diva Amande is definitely a must-try!

Diva Amande

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10. Amara Burned Cinnamon

Brown color contact lenses are undoubted one of the most searched colored contact lens shades! Brown is seen as a safe color contact lens tone to elevate dark brown eyes regardless of being light or dark. Amara Burned Cinnamon is a perfect example of a neutral brown colored contact lens to brighten your look easily. Brown eyes never looked so good with Amara Burned Cinnamon.

Amara Burned Cinnamon

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11. Solotica Hidrocor Agata

Dazzle and sparkle your brown eyes with Hidrocor Agata! A newly added shade from Solotica, the world’s most natural colored contact lens brand. Agata is inspired by the earthy brown tones you’ll see on the agate gemstone. This color has been thought thoughtfully to perfect a brown colored contact lens! If you have not tried these natural brown colored contacts, you’re missing one of the best from Solotica’s range!

Solotica Hidrocor Agata

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12. Anesthesia Anesthetic Fonesta

A beautiful green monthly colored contact lenses you shouldn’t miss, Anesthetic Fonesta features a beautiful green shade with flecks of yellow towards the pupil hole! Covering dark brown eyes effortlessly transforming them to irresistible green, there is no doubt as to why this natural green lens is the top-selling green shade in the Anesthetic range. Achieving green eyes has never been easier with this beautiful green contact lens.

Anesthesia Anesthetic Fonesta

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13. Air Optix Colors Brown

If you adore the Green from the Air Optix Colors, Brown from this range is another delicate colored contact lens that you must have! Printed using the most advanced technique called “Sandwich technology”, these colored contacts are thoughtfully designed to blend unnoticeably on brown eyes. Enjoy these brown lenses with or with prescription with the full comfort of Air Optix clear contact lenses.

Air Optix Colors Brown

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14. Acuvue Define Natural Shine

The limbal ring around your iris pronounces your youthfulness. This is what exactly Acuvue Define Natural Shine Style wants you to have - a youthful look! This chestnut monotone brown colored contact lens will enhance your iris’ limbal ring making you look younger and healthier. Acuvue Define is a daily disposable colored contact lens that is ideal for occasional color contact lens wearers. A pride of Johnson and Johnson's Acuvue colored contact lens line-up, guaranteed you'll experience extreme comfort and beauty in one lens.

Acuvue Define Natural Shine

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15. Solotica Natural Colors Avela

Chestnut brown is perhaps one of the descriptions of how you would describe brown beautifully! Translated chestnut in English from the Portuguese word Avela, Solotica Natural Colors Avela is best for dark brown eyes if you want a look that is refreshing yet sultry. Best to complement with or without eyeliner, mascara or brows, these colored contacts will revolutionize your ‘bare or ‘nude’ look styling.

Solotica Natural Colors Avela

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16. Freshlook Colorblends Pure Hazel

If hazel eyes are your cup of tea, we recommend trying Pure Hazel from Freshlook Colorblends. These hazel colored contacts are rich with greens, browns and hazels which easily blend on dark or light brown eyes magnifying autumn brown eyes. Freshlook lenses are opaque which is ideal for people who looking for colored contacts that are both noticeable and intriguing.

Freshlook Colorblends Pure Hazel

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17. Solotica Aquarella Castanha Brown

Rich, chocolatey and pure brown eyes can be yours in an instant with Aquarella’s Castanha Brown from the Solotica color contact lens brand in their quarterly disposable color contact lens range. We can’t emphasize how beautiful these brown lenses are especially on dark brown eyes! With a dense print around the contact lens that creates an illusion of having a limbal ring, Castanha Brown is definitely a must-try whether you’re new to colored contacts or a pro-wearer.

Solotica Aquarella Castanha Brown

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18. Solotica Hidrocor Mel

If you’re on a hunt for toned-down green colored contacts yet still are extremely natural, Solotica Hidrocor Mel is the one for you! Hidrocor Mel is a pistachio green lens that looks light warm green on dark brown eyes whilst may look hazelly green on medium to light brown eyes. Kylie Jenner, a famous American beauty superstar influencer and brand owner of Kylie Cosmetics has been seen plenty of times wearing these warm green colored contacts posted on her Instagram page. Since then, Hidrocor Mel became one of the world’s most popular colored contacts! Don’t just take our words, check out videos on YouTube reviewing these colored contact lenses to find out more about its hype.

Solotica Hidrocor Mel

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19. Amara Brunette

Another popular shade from the Amara color contact lens brand is the color Brunette. These beautiful dark brown colored contacts will pop your eyes creating an illusion of enlarged iris or the so-called "doll eyes" effect. Paired with a touch of nude color eyeshadow and bushy eyebrows, Amara Brunette will make your ordinary brown eyes extraordinary.

Amara Brunette

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20. Bella Elite Gray Beige

Last but definitely not least is the beautiful Gray Beige, another recommendation to you from the Bella color contact lens brand. A toned-down gray poured with generous hazels around the pupil hole, Bella Elite Gray Beige will make you fall in love with your new eye color! We highly recommend these colored contacts if you’re new or exploring gray colored contacts. Bella Elite colored contacts can last for up to 3 months if you look after lenses properly and follow the recommended usage period.

Bella Elite Gray Beige

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21. Diva Beton by Huda Kattan

Experience the enchantment of Diva Beton, the latest masterpiece from the exclusive collaboration with beauty icon Huda Kattan. This innovative lens features a mesmerizing brown hue with a unique starburst pattern designed to enlarge the iris for a profound yet natural look. With no limbal ring, it blends seamlessly with your natural eye color, providing comfort and a stunning appearance for any event. Whether it's a day at the office or a night out, Diva Beton is your go-to for a subtle yet impactful transformation.

Diva Huda Kattan Beton

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22. Amara Geogina Rodriguez Biscuit

From the Georgina Rodriguez Collection, Amara Biscuit embodies subtle elegance with its warm, honeyed tones. These monthly disposable lenses offer a delicate pattern mimicking the natural iris, enhancing dark brown eyes with a creamy richness that's both soft and striking. Perfect for adding a touch of sophistication, Amara Biscuit transforms your look into something truly mesmerizing, making it ideal for anyone seeking to brighten their eyes.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez Biscuit

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23. Bella Elite Wild Honey

Dive into the warm embrace of Wild Honey by Bella Elite, the perfect blend of authenticity and allure. This lens features a multi-tonal pattern that creates a fun, dimensional look, appealing to both men and women of all complexions. Loved for its natural appearance and ability to enhance dark brown eyes, Wild Honey has become a favored choice among color contact lens wearers seeking a genuine and enticing enhancement.

Bella Elite Wild Honey

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24. Anesthesia Anesthetic Mar

Unleash your inner dreamer with Anesthesia Anesthetic Mar and achieve the stunning blue eyes you've always wanted. This lens beautifully combines shades of blue and green, creating a sparkling effect that brings your eyes to life. Ideal for those who admire the Anesthesia Addict Blue, Anesthetic Mar offers a surreal transformation, making your brown eyes shine with a natural blue hue that looks like you were born with it.

Anesthesia Anesthetic Mar

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25. Solotica Natural Colors Cielo

evolutionize your look with Natural Colors Cielo from Solotica. This gray lens challenges the norms, blending light blue and gray tones to reflect the captivating beauty of a precious stone. Perfect for those seeking a bold, yet beautifully natural appearance, Cielo ensures your eyes stand out with a stunning and sophisticated flair.

Solotica Natural Colors Cielo

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The lists above are just some of the best colored contacts we offer on! With over 250 shades of colored contact lens options in greens, hazels, blues and grays to choose from the best brands, you are sure to find the perfect pair that will boost both your natural beauty and confidence. If you need assistance selecting your first or next pair of colored contacts, our live chat is available 24/7, or speak to one of our colored contact lens experts over the phone.

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