There are plenty of songs written about brown eyes, making them one of the more coveted colors possible. With the ability to vary in tone from light and bright to deep and mysterious, brown colored contact lenses can help you to achieve your fashion goals with ease. Even if you already have brown eyes naturally but want to change up your look, the following options are sure to put a smile on your face.

Brown Colored Contacts for Special Occassions

Let’s take a look at the best brown colored contact lenses!

  • Solotica Hidrocor Avela - One of the best sellers at, this shade from Hidrocor Collection brings you brown eyes like you never thought possible. This medium tone is a blend of brown and gold which results in a natural shade that’s light and bright. Wear Avela to the office for a professional look and then play around with fun eye makeup for a night out with this fantastic color!
  • Solotica Natural Colors Ocre - If the idea of colored contact lenses changing in the light sounds odd to you, this color from Solotica's Natural Collection will explain it all. This mixture of brown, grey, and green colors does actually transform a bit depending on how bright your environment is, offering a unique look no matter where you are. Try these lenses if you have naturally light eyes for a deep and rich transformation.
  • Anesthesia Addict Oro - This colored contact lens is so beautiful it almost looks like it came from a dream. This color from Anesthesia’s Addict Collection is one of the lightest brown lenses on the market and brings a creamy and soft look to your face. Wear them if you have darker eyes for an impressive change or try them with blue or brown eyes for a color that’s truly one of a kind.
  • Bella Elite Sandy Brown - Making brown colored contact lenses sparkle requires a depth of color, and Sandy Brown from the Bella Elite Collection has this down to a science. Their blend of brown and gold is seamless, making it look like you’ve had these eyes all of your life. A slight limbal ring helps to create depth and brings about an air of youthfulness. Sandy Brown looks so natural that no one will know you’re even wearing contacts!
  • Bella Glow Radiant Brown - One of the deepest browns on this list, Radiant Brown from Bella Glow Collection gives you a sultry and rich look with ease. Often times brown colored contact lenses will incorporate lighter notes of gold to their look, but this time you’re given nothing but dark beautiful browns. Great for all natural eye colors, this option is great for going out on the town, especially when you want to be remembered.
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    Which of these brown colored contact lenses speaks the most to you? Thankfully, you don’t have to choose just one option, because at our prices are affordable and shipping is quick. Part of the fun of wearing colored contacts is the ability to change your style at a moment’s notice, so having multiple brown options to choose from is really the way to go!