Putting in contact lenses for the first time can be quite daunting, but with the right approach and some practice it will become second nature in no time. Whether you’re a first-time wearer or contact lens veteran who’s got into bad habits, we’ve got you covered with our 101 guide for how to put in contact lenses.

How To Put In Contact Lenses Like A Pro

Let's go through the steps one by one:

  • 1. Clean hands. Your eyes are one of most sensitive parts of your body so ensure you wash your hands thoroughly in warm water and then completely dry them before handling your lenses.
  • 2. Clean and check lenses. If using new contact lenses, ensure you have cleaned them with a proper contact lens solution before placing on your finger. If reusing lenses, check them for any rips or debris. If you discover any tears in the lens they should be discarded immediately, if you find any debris or make up you can clean the lens thoroughly with a suitable contact lens solution.
  • 3. Place the lens concave side up on your index finger ensuring it is in a bowl shape position.
  • 4. Pull down under your eye with your middle finger or ring finger while holding the lens still on your index finger. You can also use your opposite hand to hold your eye open if this works for you
  • 5. Place the lens in your eye – some people can place their lenses straight onto their iris while others prefer to put the lens in the corner white of their eye and blink the lens into place. It is natural to blink a lot and miss being able to put the lens onto your eye, especially if this is the first time you are trying contacts so don’t panic, just try again.
  • 6. Once the lens is in place blink a few times to ensure it is comfortable and look up, down, left, right to ensure vision is ok and the lens is sitting in the eye well. TIP – if you have different prescriptions for each eye then try and get in the habit of always doing the same side first so you don’t mix your lenses up.
  • 7. If the lens doesn’t feel comfortable you may have an air bubble. You can place your finger on the corner of the lens and rotate round a few times or alternatively you can close your eye and massage the lid to remove the bubble. If it still feels comfortable, remove the lens, clean it with solution and start again.
  • 8. If your eyes start to become feeling dry throughout lens wear it could be because you are wearing them for too long or you can try using rewetting eye drops which will moisture the eye and make extended-wear more comfortable.
  • 9. All that’s left now is to enjoy your new look and healthy vision with contact lenses.

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You should always see your eye doctor before trying out lenses to ensure you have the correct lenses for your eye. It can take practice getting used to putting contact lenses in your eye so have patience and practice the best method for you.

When you’re ready, you can order your favorite brands of clear and colored contact lenses with worldwide express delivery. If you need more assistance in caring for or choosing lenses our customer service team at lens.me are always happy to help.