Let’s say you’ve been wearing prescription contacts for years and you’re finally ready to take the next step to integrate colored lenses into your style. However, you’re not quite sure which colors to choose and aren’t completely sold on the idea, and you discover that your best friend happens to have the same prescription as you. Should you try on a pair of her unworn contacts in a beautiful blue color to see what you think?

It’s a question that comes into people’s minds more often than you’d imagine, so it’s an important topic that we want to discuss. While it seems as if all aspects have been taken into consideration in the above scenario, it turns out that wearing contact lenses that aren’t your own could be dangerous. Why? Keep reading to find out.

Your Guide To Finding The Right Colored Contacts

The Numbers

You’ve compared prescriptions and you and your friend both have the exact same eyesight, so why shouldn’t you try on their blue lenses to see how they look? It turns out that there’s more to a contact lens prescription than just your vision correction. Contact lenses are made in various sizes, and aside from the ability to help you see more clearly, they also accommodate different eye shapes.

Two additional aspects to your lenses include the base curve and diameter, and you’d be surprised just how many variations there can be. Given that people’s eyes can be different sizes, a range of diameters helps to ensure a comfortable fit, and the base curve helps the lenses to sit snugly on the surface of your eyes without causing discomfort.

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Why It’s Important

Colored contact lenses weren’t just designed to make you look beautiful, although that is a huge element of their appeal. Instead, they undergo a very specific set of manufacturing processes and are regulated before even hitting the market. Wearing a contact lens that’s not the right size and especially the wrong prescription can lead to irritation, discomfort, infection, and even permanent injury.

If you do want to experiment with different colors of contact lenses before making a purchase, what exactly are you supposed to do? Typically a visit to your eye care professional is in order, as he or she has samples that you can try. They will also be the expert in knowing which brands of lenses will fit your eyes comfortably and which to stay away from.

In the event that those blue lenses your friend wears are the exact same as your brand in every single way, trading lenses is still not a good habit to get into. The health of your eyes isn’t something that should be sacrificed in the name of beauty!

Finding Your Brand

After trying on several colors and styles at your eye doctor’s office, make sure to get a valid prescription that details all of the contact lens parameters. Now it’s the fun part, where you can head over to lens.me and choose the colored contacts that are right for you. If you need help, contact our friendly customer service team and we’ll make sure you get the perfect ones for you!