There are a ton of colored contact lenses in the market, and while we aim to stock only the highest quality options out there, we realize that there are still quite a few to choose from. At it’s our goal to guide you to the lenses that will produce the exact result you’re after, whether it’s a showstopping transformation or a subtle new look.

We partner with incredible brands and want to help you get to know them a little bit more. After learning about each manufacturer, it will be clear which colored contact lenses will best meet your needs.

Solotica Contact Lenses from Brazil

Straight from the heart of Brazil particularly in Rio, Solotica aims to make a range of colored contact lenses that are beautiful and transformative. As one of the more natural options we carry, it’s no wonder that celebrities like Kanye West and Kylie Jenner have worn these lenses time and time again.

Solotica Colored Contact Lenses on

Collections like Hidrocor and Hidrocor Rio offer a wide variety of colors with a very subtle limbal ring, making it look like you were born with that color. More bold looks are achieved by Hidrocharme, Solflex Natural Colors, and Solotica Natural Colors, offering contrasting tones that are simply lovely. A new collection called Hype offers bold lenses that are great for Halloween or cosplay outfits.

Bella and Anesthesia Colored Contacts

With nearly a dozen different lineups of lenses, Anesthesia collections offer bold and striking tones for a range of looks that appear incredibly natural. Whether you have naturally light eyes, super dark eyes, or anything in between, these brands will go the extra mile.

Anesthesia Contact Lenses

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For Bella brand of contact lenses, collections like Elite, Glow, Diamond, Snow White and Natural collection impart the magical nature of these colored contact lenses and appeal to all ages and genders.

Trikolor and ColorVision by Pfortner

Utilizing a smart micropigmentation technology to achieve bold colors that pop, Waicon Trikolor or ColorVision by Pfortner boasts a number of shades to achieve nearly any look. Gray, green, blue, and more are all multidimensional and give you an appealing shade without a strong limbal ring.

ColorVision by Pfortner

Keep in mind that your own natural eye color will play a large role in just how vivid ColorVision or Trikolor lenses appear, so it’s best to consider the final result before making your selection.

Freshlook And Air Optix Colors

Known in the contact lens industry for decades, these brands are considered to be staples of the original fashion icons. Freshlook brings to the table three different collections, including one that’s a daily disposable option for your convenience. Or, you Air Optix users can now enjoy the colored contacts at the same comfort level when wearing Air Optix Colors.

Freshlook Colored Contact Lenses

Now that you have the lay of the land, have fun exploring the range of options at Remember, your natural eye color, complexion, lighting conditions, and even hair color can all influence how these lenses look on you, so keep it fun and playful and you’ll have a great shopping experience!

Curious to learn more about our products? Feel free to contact us and chat with one of our friendly customer service representatives. We always aim for your purchases to bring you joy and we want you to be 100% satisfied with your lenses.