Whether you’ve worn contact lenses for years or you just received your first box of lens.me via FedEx from lens.me, the science behind your favorite lenses is astounding. Just think for a moment that placing a small piece of thin material over your eyes can dramatically change your vision or at the very least can give you an entirely new look!

When it comes to your specific type of contacts, you’ve probably noticed several numbers on the packaging. Have you wondered what BC means? How about DIA? These aren’t foreign codes but in fact are important pieces of information to ensure your contacts fit you correctly. Let’s dig a little deeper to find out what exactly these numbers mean.

The Specifics

Different contact lens brands of both corrective lenses and colored contact lenses make products in different sizes. Although many people’s eyes are a globe type of shape, there are still unique variations that prohibit contacts from being a one size fits all item.

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Let’s start with the letters BC, which stand for base curve. This number indicates just how steep or flat your contact lenses are in relation to your own specific eye features. While it seems counterintuitive, the higher the base curve is, the flatter the surface of your eyes are. Common base curves are dictated in millimeters and can range anywhere from 8.0 to 10.0. Most of the time you’ll see 8.6 or 8.8 on your box of lenses.

Similar in theme is the diameter measurement, seen on your box as DIA. Again, not all eyes are shaped the same, and some people find that their contact lenses are more comfortable with specific diameters. Also measured in millimeters, common diameters are around 14.2.

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Power And Dates

If you wear colored contact lenses but don’t need a prescription, the power of your lenses is obviously zero. However for people who need a vision correction, the power listed on the side of the box matches with the prescription given to you by your doctor.

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Trusting Your Doctor

Don’t worry, you aren’t responsible for knowing what your own base curve or powers are, as that job is left for your optometrist. He or she will take a series of careful measurements during your eye exam and will include all of this information on your written prescription. If your contact lenses are ever uncomfortable, your doctor might try a different measurement to see if you have greater success.

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