So often we use colored contact lenses to create a stunning and bold look, complete with a relatively full face of makeup. While this option is just fine for some to do on a daily basis, others like to stick to a more basic routine and save the fanciness for special occasions. If you’ve been wanting to still wear your colored lenses but feel like you don’t know how to do a natural look, we have you covered.

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It’s important to remember that colored contacts don’t always have to be bold and create a dramatic change. Many times individuals will want to choose a shade that’s similar to their own, one that simply enhances their eye color without completely changing it. If you’re on board with that, keep reading to see how to pull off this style.

Colored Contact Lenses To Create A Natural Style

The No Makeup Look

Let’s say you wake up late one morning or you’re just not feeling like going through your routine of using a ton of products - can you still wear your colored lenses? Absolutely! Plenty of people will pop on a set of subtle lenses, like the natural range from Solotica brand, and keep the rest of their face completely clean.

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That’s right - no concealer, no mascara, and no false eyelashes. It may sound scary, but once Alicia Keys started vouching for the bare-faced look, it’s become completely acceptable to walk out of the house with just your lenses.

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Colored Contact Lenses In Natural Shades

If the thought of no makeup is too big of a leap for you, starting with more subtle changes can be a great idea. Nude lipsticks, minimal eye makeup, and just a little bit of contouring can make it seem as if you woke up looking that good without having to spend all of your time in front of a mirror.

Wondering what lenses will best compliment this style? Again we recommend staying a little more subdued here instead of choosing something bold and out of the box, consider Anesthesia Colored Contacts in differentt collections. You can find contact lenses in different colors ranging from gray to blue shades that looks great on all natural eye colors.

Making your eyes the only standout feature on your face is easy with colored contact lenses, and if you aren’t having to match your eyes to your lipstick or blush, try something pretty like Mel, one of Solotica’s Natural Colors options. Incorporating a slight limbal ring for a youthful look, this lens will be all you need before stepping outside.

We encourage that you have a ton of options at your disposal, so depending on how you feel when you wake up, you can complete any number of styles from bold and beautiful to soft and subtle. Take a look at the wide range of colored contacts at and be sure to select a few bright options as well as some softer styles. With fast shipping, outstanding customer service, and the highest-quality contact lenses on the market, we’re your number one place to complete your beauty routine!