Colored contact lenses have increasingly become a must-have accessory to add alongside your make-up collection. Just as you would choose out the correct color eyeshadow to match your outfit, you can now easily add in your eye color to match!

While colored contacts are a fun accessory to your look, they should be cared for and treated correctly. Putting in your contact lenses correctly, and cleaning your contact lenses should be followed strictly as per guidelines.

There are a couple of question with wearing contact lenses and makeup which people often get wrong.

Makeup Plus Clear or Colored Contacts - How To Find A Healthy Mix

Should you put makeup on before or after your contact lenses?

Contact lenses, colored or not, should always be put in first before applying any makeup.

Putting your makeup on first risks to contaminate your colored contact lenses with foreign particles. Imagine getting a smear of mascara on the underside of the lens as you put it into your eye, this can cause a smear in the lens and your vision, but it can also be uncomfortable and dangerous for your eye.

Putting your lenses in first also helps avoid any smudging of your eyeliner or mascara. This will allow your lens to adapt and sit comfortably in the eye before applying your makeup. If you have extra moisture from the lens this will be able to be cleared completely as opposed to dabbing carefully around your neat handiwork if you were to put them in last.

The type of makeup you wear can also have an impact on your contact lenses. Generally, it is better to wear creams over powders as the particles can sometimes come into contact with the eye. If you are using powders, shut your eyes tightly while you apply the powder and allow it to settle before opening your eyes again.

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Should you take your lenses out before removing your makeup?

Yes, you should always take your contact lenses out first before removing your makeup.

Ensure your hands are clean and take out your lenses being careful not to come into contact with any makeup. They should then be cleaned and stored correctly.

You should then remove your makeup.

If you remove your makeup before taking your lenses out, rubbing on your eyes can irritate the lenses and can cause makeup to smear into the lenses.

Adding colored contact lenses into your makeup routine is a great way to finish off your complete style. Ensure your care for them correctly and enjoy your transformed, beautiful look!