When you explore fashion trends from all corners of the world, you might be surprised to see some pretty interesting looks. While everyone has their own definition of fashion and beauty, one theme that’s becoming more and more prevalent is the idea of having two different colored eyes. Some celebrities were born with this condition (look at Mila Kunis very carefully next time you see her) while others are opting to simply be different.

Today we thought it would be fun to explore some of the reasons behind this trend, as it’s not something that you see very widely in major parts of the world. Before long, wearing two different colored contact lenses might be the norm, but for now, it’s typically done for specific reasons.

Eye Color Can Make Big Difference

Let's Be Different With Colored Contacts

Those who are in the modeling and fashion industry often have tough competition at all times, and standing out from the crowd can be challenging. Some individuals are honest and said that one of their lenses tore and they figured they’d just wear one anyway, but others are making an intentional statement to look different.

You can achieve this look in several ways depending on if you need vision correction or not. When your colored contact lenses are just for looks and don’t contain a prescription, you can opt to wear just one and leave your other eye natural. If you have several different colors at your disposal, mixing and matching is easy.

Those who wear contact lenses to see clearly may have a bit of a more complex time mismatching their eye color but it can be done. Again, you can purchase two different colors and move forward that way or you can keep a stash of clear lenses handy and wear those in one eye and a color in the other.

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Eye Color As A Social Statement

While standing out from the crowd is a worthy reason to have two different colored eyes, others are taking a more political stance in some ways. Around the world, society has developed various standards for what beauty is and isn’t, and while it changes from country to country, everyone can relate to these expectations.

People who opt for two mismatched eyes on purpose are typically protesting conformity and challenging social norms, stating that they too can be beautiful even if they don’t look “normal.” These individuals often times gather a large following on social media and are commended for their unique style.

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