As the technology used to create colored contact lenses continues to improve, it seems as if beauty lovers have an increasing amount of options before them. Years ago, only a few colors were available and lenses were designed to last several weeks, somewhat forcing you into the same look over and over again. Now, another brand is paving the way for colored lenses that offer the ultimate in fashion and flexibility.

New Anesthesia Once daily colored contacts available in 10 colors

Anesthesia Once is the newest daily disposable lens on the market, and aside from their immense level of comfort and clarity, they also have 10 different shades available! Let’s check out the colored contacts that are sure to become your next favorite:

Anesthesia Once Color Range

  • Anesthesia Once Blended Grey - Nearly any complexion looks stunning with grey eyes, and Blended Grey creates a natural look that’s cool and deep. Using tones of grey, brown, and even hints of gold, these multidimensional lenses will add a touch of intrigue to your style.
  • Anesthesia Once Brownish - The name may fool you a bit, as Brownish by Anesthesia Once features a healthy dose of grey and brown into the mix. However, a thick brown limbal ring offers a rich contrast for lighter complexions and is one of the most unique shades we’ve seen. 
  • Anesthesia Once Caramello - Just like a rich caramel candy or coffee with cream, this shade is gorgeous beyond words. The most perfect balance between brown and a lighter honey tone, Caramello is an ideal choice that will transition from day to night with ease.
  • Anesthesia Once Cluodio - Like the color of the ocean or the sky above, Cluodio is rich with blues and greens to create an ethereal glow any time of the day. Despite their multidimensional look, this colored contact lens appears incredibly natural and is quite youthful. 
  • Anesthesia Once Coffee - A darker limbal ring offers contrast within these brown lenses, as Coffee mixes a lighter shade with a deep tone around the edge. If you’ve always wanted brown eyes but were afraid they would be too dark, this color is the perfect option. 
  • Anesthesia Once Grayish - Grey, green, blue, and gold - this combination of colors is intense and lovely, and they all come together in Anesthesia Once’s Grayish. Great for men or women, this color can brighten your face for the upcoming summer months. 
  • Anesthesia Once Mistic - Causing people to turn heads is the color Mistic, a unique blend of green and brown with a slightly bold limbal ring. Ideal for enhancing an olive skin tone, this colored lens option will complement any makeup styles from subtle to bold. 
  • Anesthesia Once Olivia - Obtaining a youthful glow from your contacts is possible now with Olivia, another selection from Anesthesia Once. A brown base that blends in hints of green and grey, individuals of all ethnicities will look stunning with this tone. 
  • Anesthesia Once Russet - Brown eyes with a hint of warmth can be difficult to achieve, but Russet blends in just the slightest bit of orange to result in a look that’s one of a kind. Whether your skin is kissed from the sun or you’re more fair, this shade will look lovely. 
  • Anesthesia Once Honey - Light brown with a bit of depth and sparkle, Honey is the final color offering from Anesthesia Once. Ideal for heading out on the town with friends or wearing on vacation, it’s a fun and bright color that incorporates brown and gold for the ultimate summer tone.
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    The team at is so excited to offer Anesthesia Once lenses to our valued customers. Whether this is your first colored contact lens purchase or you’ve been wearing them for years, you’ll be sure to love all of their colors along with the ease of being able to dispose of them at the end of the day. Check out all of the options available at and happy shopping!