A large part of our body is made up of water, and in order for us to be as healthy as possible, it only makes sense that we would thrive with a lot of moisture. Sometimes, colored contact lenses don’t really meet this need, with materials that are drying and cause discomfort. Wouldn’t it be incredible to wear a set of colored lenses that are made up of nearly 60% water and feel great from morning to night?

Solotica Aquarella One Day Colored Contact Lenses

Now you can with Solotica’s Aquarella Beauty daily disposable lenses, the first lenses to offer incredible colors, a high water content, and a convenient way to use them all in one! Let’s explore the colors that are available and find out just how these lenses can change the way you think about contacts.

Solotica's Reputation as Best Colored Contact Lens Brand

Colored contact lens wearers around the world know firsthand that Solotica continues to bring amazing products to the market, and we’re excited here at lens.me to be the first ones to offer Aquarella Beauty contacts worldwide! No matter which color you choose, you’ll be able to purchase these lenses in packages of ten, allowing you to mix and match whenever you’d like.

Currently, Solotica Aquarella daily disposable lenses are available in a plano (non-prescription) option, however those who need a vision correction will be able to purchase prescription lenses soon. Not only do these lenses mimic your eye’s own levels of moisture, but with organic colors that look incredibly natural, it’s no wonder that the idea of water was integrated into the brand name.

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Colors of Aquarella Contact Lenses

Solotica Aquarella Sienna Brown

With a hint of yellow and a lot of sparkle, your eyes can reflect a warm shade of brown with this option. Great for individuals with blue or green eyes who want to darken things just a bit, Sienna Brown imparts a warm glow to your face.

Solotica Aquarella Sea Green

Green eyes are rare and highly coveted, so with Aquarella Sea Green you’ll be able to have the style you’ve always longed for. A perfect blend of green with hints of brown and yellow make this colored contact lens an easy way to brighten your look.

Solotica Aquarella Golden Ochre

Staring into deep brown eyes with flecks of gold is about the most romantic thing possible, so if you want to take a more sultry approach to your lenses, Aquarella Golden Ochre is for you. This shade looks incredible on both men and women of all complexions.

Solotica Aquarella Cyan Blue

Unlike other tones of blue that are so intense that they look unnatural, Aquarella Cyan Blue mimics a cool river on a summer day. A slight limbal ring offers a hint of youthful energy without being too bold. Comfortable enough to wear morning until night, you’ll want to have blue eyes every day!

Solotica Aquarella Sepia Gray

Cooler tones are all the rage right now, so if you have naturally light eyes and want to go gray, try Aquarella Sepia Gray. Multidimensional with a design that’s brimming with youthfulness, this color will compliment any style, makeup look, or hair color.

We are so excited to bring the world this new collection from Solotica and know that you’ll love the color and comfort that Aquarella Beauty daily disposable lenses will provide. Place your order at lens.me now for fast shipping and to try lenses so hydrating you’ll forget you’re even wearing them!