Isn’t it fun that every year we get to completely change over our wardrobe and enjoy a fresh set of clothing that we haven’t seen in six months? If you’re like many people around the world, you have a distinct set of items for summertime and you literally pack it all away once the temperatures drop.

Just as many people transition their clothing alongside their makeup colors, you can also change up your contact lenses to better match your look. Here are a few general guidelines that we try to stick to when it comes to winter fashion and the colored lenses we put on each and every morning:

Learn How To Match Your Winter Wardrobe And Your Colored Contacts

1. Contrasting with Basic Black

Many people opt for a very dark winter wardrobe and boy do we love the dark and moody appeal of a black ensemble. You may want to change things up with a pop of color from time to time or you can go all in and wear head to toe black for months out of the year, but in either case, your eyes have to become the star of the show. With a darker wardrobe, we recommend Solotica Hidrocor Cristal, a part of Solotica Hidrocor's collection. A vibrant green that offers a natural look, it’s a great way to have your eyes become the focus of your style.

2. Balancing Your Colors

On the flip side of the equation, some of you might love to use winter’s cool and monotone background as a way to put the attention on a vibrant set of clothing. Reds and greens tend to make appearances in the form of woolen jackets, and even a patterned pair of pants can help to brighten up a dull and dreary winter day. When you want to put a lot of focus on your outfit but also don’t want to forget about your eyes, a unique neutral color tends to work the best. One of our favorites is the Gray tone in the Anesthesia Collection series. Light shades of brown combine with a warm gray base to offer depth and sparkle without drawing too much attention away from your clothes.

3. Going For It In Gray with Gray Colored Contacts

If black is just a little too dark for you but you’re really attracted to the monochrome look that winter wardrobes can bring, there’s a good chance that you own a lot of gray items. This color can vary quite a bit, bringing different tones of warm and cool to the mix to give you a lot of options. Since the idea of wearing all gray is to make a statement without being too much of a minimalist, a colored contact lens that’s fun without being crazy is the best way to go. One of Solotica’s newest releases is the Hidrocor Rio line-up, and within this collection, the color Buzios really stands out. It’s the perfect blend of light and dark green that will pair beautifully with gray

Keep in mind that your personal style should reflect who you are and what you feel most comfortable wearing, and the guidelines above are simply jumping off points for you to experiment with. Once you’ve decided on your signature winter look, be sure to place your order with Our expert customer service team can help you to find the perfect color for your wardrobe and you’ll receive your lenses in nearly no time at all!