It’s really interesting to see how people choose to incorporate colored contact lenses into their lives, as some find that they are a part of their identity and they wouldn’t leave the house without them. Others save them for special occasions, and there’s always one or two people that you know who forget they even had contacts and find them in a drawer years later. Colored lenses certainly play a role in one’s fashion sense, but they can also be quite functional.

We all tend to go through cycles during each year and maybe you wore a particular shade of lenses during the summer and now want to give your eyes a rest during the winter. Before you pack up your boxes and store them away, let’s think about some of the most helpful places that you can wear your contacts during this season.

Shredding The Mountain with Your Clear Contacts

If you wear colored contact lenses for more than just their fashionability, you probably dread the idea of putting glasses on instead. After all, if you can look amazing with contacts, why would you make any other choice? Yet when it comes to certain winter activities, this isn’t always the train of thought that people take.

Sports like skiing and snowboarding require you to see clearly for the safety of yourself and others. While it may seem like a waste to put gorgeous eyes behind ski goggles, have you ever tried fitting them over a pair of glasses? At best, it’s an exercise in futility. Make sure to always wear your colored lenses when you’re on the mountain because you never know who you’ll meet at the ski lodge after!

Shop Til You Drop for Colored Contact Lenses

Again, we come across a fashion over function situation when it comes to the winter months. Shopping for holiday gifts or even treating yourself to a little retail therapy can often feel like a utilitarian chore, one that is made much easier by just throwing your glasses on before you leave the house. However, winter weather probably has something else in store.

If it’s cold where you live, you’ll soon notice that every time you step into a warm store, your glasses will fog up. This may not be a problem if you’re at a shopping mall for hours on end and only have to deal with this happening once, but outdoor markets or making stops at multiple places soon shows you how tricky this can be. Even if you’re not dressed to impress, always wear your colored lenses when you’ll be running errands during the winter.

The colder months often encourage us to bundle up in warm clothing and naturally many of us spend less time on our appearance than during other times of the year. However, if you view your colored contact lenses as a fashion accessory only, you’ll definitely miss out on all of the places you can bring a little more convenience into your life. Speaking of convenient, when you’re ready for a fresh pair of lenses, check out the awesome selection at and enjoy fast shipping and spectacular customer service.