Fans of colored contact lenses have loved Freshlook One-Day for a long time - the ability to get a stunning depth of color while having the convenience of a daily disposable lens is hard to beat. The current Freshlook One-Day collection includes four colors that all offer a little something different: Freshlook One-Day Blue, Freshlook One-Day Green, Freshlook One-Day Pure Hazel, and Freshlook One-Day Gray.

Here at we’re excited to announce that the Freshlook One-Day line-up is expanding to include three new colors as a part of the Freshlook One-Day Mystic series. These lenses focus on combining exceptional colors plus a few unique design options to enhance your natural look. These specifications include:

  • A bold and smooth limbal ring to provide a more natural appearance
  • An increased outer print area that offers an even greater depth of color and also makes your eyes look
  • Bigger - a great way to impart a youthful look
  • Changes to the inner print pattern that provides a more seamless look

What else can you expect? Let’s go into each of the colors in depth!

Freshlook One-Day Mystic Series on launched on

Freshlook One-Day Mystic Gray

This enticing shade is an updated version of Freshlook One-Day Gray with a new twist - a smaller inner print diameter allows your natural eye color to show through. Imagine having beautiful brown eyes and accenting them with this colored contact lens, or adding a new level of depth and dimension to naturally blue eyes.

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Freshlook One-Day has really stepped up people’s ability to wear a colored contact lens for just a single time and have the choice to change up their style with ease. If Gray doesn’t match today’s outfit, no problem; simply save them for another time.

Freshlook One-Day Mystic Blue

Have you always wanted big, blue eyes but struggled to find the right look? Mystic Blue by Freshlook One-Day is the answer to your prayers, with a lens print that’s larger than the previous collection’s options. You’ll instantly enjoy a youthful glow once you put these colored lenses on, as the shades of blue they’ve used are stunning.

Wonderful for brown eyes, Mystic Blue will add a new level of interest to your style, and those with naturally blue or green eyes will find that this is one of the most gorgeous colored contacts ever made.

Freshlook One-Day Mystic Hazel

Incorporating tones of brown and green into their unique lens coloration, Freshlook One-Day has created a true winner with Mystic Hazel. Sometimes the idea of having a solid brown eye color seems too intense, yet this lens allows for your natural shade to shine through and blend and contrast seamlessly.

Try Mystic Hazel when you want to make a style statement without being too bold or flashy. Great for every day at the office or for a special occasion, Freshlook One-Day’s unique daily disposable feature gives you true flexibility.

If you’ve always wanted to try a one-day lens but never knew which ones to purchase, now’s the time to enjoy convenience and beauty with Freshlook One-Day. Check out one of their four original colors and make sure to add a few of the new Mystic options to your shopping cart as well. Enjoy fast shipping