There’s a lot that changes during the winter months as our wardrobes shift to cozy items and the weather outside is often damp and cold. But did you know that your eyes can also go through changes as well? Winter weather isn’t exactly the friendliest on your eyes or your contact lenses, so it’s important to make sure you’re being proactive about your eye health.

Don’t worry, you can still wear colored contact lenses during wintertime, but there are some extra things to think about rather than just putting them on and forgetting about it.

Let’s check out some of the best ways to keep your eyes and contacts in tip-top shape!

1. How cold is it in your place?

In some parts of the world, temperatures can get downright frigid during the winter months. While this may have an effect on the comfort of your contact lenses, your contacts won’t actually freeze. If you do notice discomfort, it’s likely caused by dryness.

2. Should you wear your sunglasses during winter?

We tend to associate wearing sunglasses with the summer months because that’s when the sun seems the strongest. In reality, our eyes are sensitive enough to be vulnerable all year long, and even on a cloudy day, a good pair of sunglasses will offer protection. Those who enjoy snow sports may notice that the sun’s rays reflect off of the snow and can actually intensify the damage, so ensuring you have adequate eye protection at all times is key.

3. Should you wear colored contacts all the time during winter?

Unless you have a super strong immune system, there’s a good chance that you’ll end up coming down with a cold this winter. We know, it’s a bummer. While you may want to wear your colored contact lenses as a part of your daily routine, there’s a higher chance that you’ll transfer germs to your eyes when you’re ill. As much as you may want to wear your lenses, it’s best to stick to glasses until you’re healthy again.

3. How do you deal with eye dryness during winter?

Finally, dryness tends to be the number one issue that contact lens wearers experience during wintertime. Our eyes thrive with moisture, and dry cold weather tends to be their worst enemy. Add to that some wind and you’ll surely notice that your contacts don’t feel quite right. Many people assume that if they stay indoors during the winter that their lenses will be just fine, but unfortunately that’s not always true either. Fireplaces and central heating all force hot air into your face, so the hassle of dryer than normal eyes ultimately ends up being something that many expect. If you struggle to keep your colored contacts comfortable, try using rewetting drops that are formulated specifically for contacts.

The team at wants you to be able to look amazing in your colored contact lenses all year round, so don’t let winter weather stop you from being your best self! In many cases, knowing is half of the battle, so now that you’re well educated on just how to take care of your eyes this season, why not treat yourself to some extra lenses? Check out the full selection of options at and put a little sparkle into your winter!