The team at loves each of the brands of colored contact lenses that we sell, but of course we take the time to select only the best manufacturers out there. While we think our lenses are simply the best, sometimes it can help to hear an outside perspective.

In this blog, we get to know some of the beauty vloggers out in the world who love our products and show you firsthand how beautiful they look. We’ll also talk about some current makeup products that you can pair with each of their styles.

Vlogger's Choice for Colored Contact Lenses

Simply Shanalee

With hundreds of thousands of followers on her YouTube channel and over 12 million views on her videos, Shanalee is a New York lady who loves her Solotica lenses. She gets asked time and time again which colored contacts she’s wearing in her videos, which prompted her to talk all about the lenses she purchases in this video.

Shanalee often pairs her Hidrocor Quartzo lenses with bold eyeshadow colors for a contrasting and gorgeous look. We recommend using the Obsessions Palette in Gemstone by Huda Beauty to match some of her more popular looks.

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D e b b y

An Italian beauty with nearly a million followers on YouTube, Debby has a love for fashion, makeup, singing, and more. Her olive complexion and deep brown eyes were the perfect combination for her to try Topazio from Solotica Hidrocor - and the results were amazing.

Debby’s transformation is so dramatic that she was almost speechless, yet she looked fresh and bright in her video review.. Want to match her look? Try pairing Mel lenses with Infatuation Creme Lipstick by Kylie Cosmetics.


Whoever thought that beauty vlogging was just for women can think again, as Fonzevil features products regularly. You can check out his whole lineup of videos to see a range of colors and styles and to hear his honest feedback about our products.

One of the more popular options is the MAC Studio Fix line of coverage, available in 42 different shades. Once you have your skin looking flawless, try any number of lipsticks, eyeshadows, and highlighters to complete your look. Some of our favorites on Fonzevil include Ipanema in Solotica’s Rio collection and the wide range shades from Bella Contact Lenses.


Melissa a.k.a Millzladiva is a colored contact lens guru and has reviewed many brands of colored contacts. Her genuine feedback has helped thousands of people to choose which colored contact lens is the best for your complexion and has even suggested which color and style should be worn for special occasions. With her authentic and relevant creative content, there’s no doubt why her YouTube channel is continuously growing so make sure to follow her and be updated.

We love seeing the creativity of fans out there, and you don’t have to be a famous beauty vlogger to share with us your favorite lenses. Have you gotten creative with some of the market’s newest makeup products and combined them with colored contact lenses to create a look that’s truly unique?

Share it with us online through YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and more. Don’t forget to mention where you got your lenses from, and give us your honest feedback about your experience. We pride ourselves on our customer service and aim for every purchase to be an amazing one!