We just welcomed 2019 and for many of us, making a New Year’s resolution is an important tradition that’s not to be missed. Some of us focus on physical fitness, others want to impart new habits into our lives, and still others want to quit something that isn’t serving them any longer. While it’s great to have resolutions that aim at the heart of who you are, why not have a little fun and include one that has to do with your look?

Let’s make 2019 the year that colored contact lenses are seen everywhere! It doesn’t matter if you’ve worn glasses for years and never tried contacts before, or if you don’t even have a prescription. We’re here to give you all the details about how playing up your eyes and changing your look can be one of the best decisions you make in the coming year.

Trendy Colored Contact Lenses To Wear This 2019

Colored Contact Lenses For Newbies

The idea of wearing colored contact lenses may be scary if you’ve never so much as worn glasses before, and we know that the thought of touching your eyes may not seem like something you want to do. However, all local eye care professionals have experts who can train you on the proper care and techniques when it comes to wearing contacts, and the choices of non-prescription colored lenses from lens.me is incredible.

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Slowly getting used to the idea of wearing contacts is totally fine, and for that, we recommend making a purchase of Freshlook Colored Contacts. All Collections are great for all eye colors and imparts a warm glow that’s different but not over the top. These lenses are disposed of either daily, or monthly and allow you to try out colored contacts without making a huge commitment. Oh! And did you know that Freshlook has added great colors on their daily collection called Freshlook One-Day Mystic Series? Be sure to check them out and find the perfect shades of blue, gray and hazel as your next eye color!

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Going For The Perfect Shades

What if you already wear colored contact lenses? Does that mean you can’t include them in a New Year’s resolution? Absolutely not! In fact, 2019 could be the year that you take it up a notch and explore other fun shades that enhance your style even further.

Dark eyes can get a complete makeover with Bella Colored Contact Lenses Collections. All the color combinations from warm brown to bright blue shades are mindblowing, as a deep navy limbal ring imparts a youthful look as the lens fades to a stunning gray. A slight pop of yellow is also thrown into the mix, letting you experience a whole new style when it comes to contacts.

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Those who are ready to take it a step further should check out the Solotica Natural Colors collection. These colored lenses take you from a contact lens wearer to a full fashionista in literally 30 seconds. Our favorite for imparting a dramatic look is Hidrocor Quartzo from Hidrocor Collection, a striking subtle bluish gray that looks great on any natural eye color especially on dark brown eyes.

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Explore Colored Contact Lenses this 2019

Our fast shipping will ensure you have your new lenses quickly to start your 2019. Not sure if you should try something more subtle or make a resolution to go big and bold? Call us today and chat with one of our helpful customer service representatives. It’s our goal at lens.me to get you the lenses you’ll love!