It’s amazing how quickly fashion trends can come and go, but it seems as if one that’s here to stay is the tortoiseshell pattern. A quick search back in time shows that from headbands to cat eye glasses, tortoise has always been a symbol of classic luxury that works with nearly every skin tone out there. In 2019, this pattern is making a comeback in a big way, but one that wasn’t quite expected.

Whether you read fashion magazines or keep tabs on the latest runway events, you’ll start to see tortoise jewelry take center stage. Bold dangly earrings, sleek patterned studs, and even necklaces featuring this iconic element of fashion will soon be everywhere. If you’re excited to jump on this trend, how can you ensure that your colored contact lenses will keep up with this look?

2019 Fashion Trends Complemented with Colored Contact Lenses

Examining The Basics Of Tortoise

Depending on the type of accessory you’re after, the tortoise you wear can actually vary quite a bit. For those unfamiliar, tortoise tends to be a speckled look that blends a range of browns with multiple yellow tones. Tortoise can be very bold with black and yellow contrasting each other or can be much more subtle with browns that are similar in shade.

Which colored contact lens from Solotica do you think is the best to match your outfit?

In most cases, nearly all types of tortoise will look great on any complexion, so the specific pattern you choose will be based on how much of a statement you want to make. When wearing a tortoise accessory, it’s typically advised that you keep your outfit neutral and include colors ranging from black and brown to tan and cream.

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Which Lenses To Wear?

Once you’ve selected your tortoise statement piece, it’s time to determine how your lenses will enhance this look. Depending on the color of your pattern, you may find that you want to pull out more of the yellows or browns, and may lean toward some of the following options:

Solotica Hidrocor Avela - this yearly lens blends brown with flecks of yellow for a deep honey color that’s stunning with more muted tortoise tones. As the lens doesn’t have a limbal ring, it tends to look incredibly natural on almost all complexions.

Anesthesia Addict Arena - a six month option that features rich color, this lens takes on a more green tone. Often times tortoise can blend yellows and greens for a lovely shade, and this colored contact lens will highlight that option beautifully.

Solotica Natural Colors Ambar- if you don’t want to commit to the same color for all of 2019, this monthly option is the way to go. A deeper brown that will match dark tortoise patterns, it’s a great choice for people with any natural eye color.

Be Bold With Colored Contact Lenses

If you’re excited to change up your signature style in 2019, give tortoise accessories a try and embrace the classic elegance that this pattern entails. Men and women of all skin tones can find a tortoise that’s right for them, and together with colored contacts from, you’ll be ready to rock this style!