When you’re on the hunt for disposable colored contact lenses, it can be confusing to find which brand might be best for your eyes. You may find a particular style that’s beautiful, but what if they’re uncomfortable or have a drying effect? Comfortable contact lenses shouldn’t be hard to find, and when you want to make a statement with your style, Waicon Trikolor colored lenses are the way to go.

Why choose Waicon Trikolor colored contacts?

If you’re wondering where this mysterious yet perfect brand has emerged from, you’re not alone. Hailing from Argentina, they’re exceptionally hard to find and lens.me is one of the few places that has the entire color collection available for purchase. Waicon offers 8 shades in the Trikolor collection, each having been inspired by nature with a print that gives a very subtle effect. People will think that you were born this way, except only you know the secret - you’re wearing colored contact lenses!

The Collection Inspired By Nature

Waicon Trikolor Collection Colored Contact Lenses

Waicon Trikolor contact lenses comes in eight shades:

  • Waicon Trikolor Blue - this shade blends an ocean blue with flecks of brown to give a super natural look of blue eyes
  • Waicon Trikolor Stylish Brown - a warm chestnut shade that gives depth and warmth brown eyes. It looks incredibly natural and gorgeous.
  • Waicon Trikolor Dark Green - blending a darker shade of green, brown, and gold with a subtle print, your friends will be envy with your unique dark green eyes.
  • Waicon Trikolor Stylish Gray - his color comes with a combination of unique gray with hints of blue and violet to create a tone that will captivate others right away.
  • Waicon Trikolor Green - as light as the spring grass, this colored contact lens brings a vibrant green to nearly anyone’s eye color. Green eyes are truly intriguing!
  • Waicon Trikolor Gray - Waicon Trikolor’s unique pattern is most visible in this color, as light tones of gray and brown dance across the lens surface. Everyone loves gray eyes and no wonder why this is one of of the bestsellers.
  • Waicon Trikolor Hazel - eminiscent of a toasted honey color, hazel gives wearers a natural and bright option. It’s one of the most beautiful Trikolor options.
  • Waicon Trikolor Blue Gray - when you want your colored contacts to make a statement, try Blue Gray. Tones of purple, gray, and blue blend together in a pattern that’s simply stunning.
  • Comfort Is Key When Wearing Colored Contact Lenses

    Have you worn colored contacts in the past and been disappointed with how they feel? Perhaps they felt dry after a while, or you noticed that they moved around too much and you saw the edges of the lens in your vision?

    Waicon Trikolor focuses on the most comfortable and natural experience possible, with lenses designed in such a way to make them a joy to wear. Using a technique called micropigmentation, they’re one of the only manufacturers to consciously dye their lenses in a way that results in comfort and safety.

    Micropigmentation includes putting the contact lens color in between other lens layers, thus keeping the dye from touching your eye directly and giving the most natural lens look possible.

    The Best Colored Contacts At Great Prices

    If you’re interested in the Waicon Trikolor collection, lens.me is the best place to purchase these colored contacts. Not only do we stock the entire collection of 8 shades, but we offer FedEx shipping worldwide with friendly customer service you can trust.

    To check out the entire brands of colored contact lenses we offer, visit this page. We’ll bet you can’t pick just one color - try them all for a different look every day of the week!