It’s the day that many people dream of, and when it happens it’s usually one of the best days of your life. We’re not talking about getting married or the birth of your first child - rather, we’re talking about the day that you get contact lenses for the first time!

For those of you who have worn glasses for many years, the thought of wearing contact lenses might seem like a dream come true. If you’re curious what to expect, we’ve created a bit of a guide that lets you know how wearing contact lenses differs from wearing glasses.

Full Visibility with Contact Lenses

Have you ever noticed that you can only see certain things out of your glasses? If you look up or down, or way off to the left or right, you aren’t looking through your glasses anymore. This lack of clear peripheral vision can be very problematic for some people, especially those who have high prescriptions or who need their full range of vision for a specific activity.

Since a contact lens sits directly on your eye instead of up and away from it like glasses do, you will instantly enjoy completely clear vision every single place you look! It can actually be a little bit odd to get used to at first, but once you wear contacts you’ll probably never want to go back!

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Contact lenses are also ideal when you are engaged sports! You cannot wear glasses playing basketball or swim with your spectacles. In addition, daily disposable contacts are highly recommended when involving in sports activity.

Contact Lenses are light as a feather!

Today’s fashionable frames are cute to look at, and most of them are crafted to be quite lightweight as well. However, you can’t get around the fact that even super comfortable frames can get heavy after a long day. Individuals who have worn glasses for years can even have indentations on their nose or above their ears.

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With contact lenses, you instantly get to wipe away the heaviness that’s associated with glasses. Contact lenses that are fitted properly to your eyes shouldn’t even create a sensation - it’s like you’re not even wearing them! Talk about being light as a feather.

Convenience And Health When Using Contact Lenses

Above all else, so many people love wearing contact lenses because it opens up their lives to a lot of activities they weren’t able to previously do. Even simple things like exercising at the gym can be difficult because as you sweat, your glasses tend to fall down your nose. With contact lenses, that issue is solved!

Wearing contact lenses is quite easy once you get the hang of it, and while it may take some time to get used to putting them in, before long you’ll be able to do it just as quickly as it takes to put on a pair of glasses. They are the ultimate in optical convenience.

If you’re ready to start wearing contact lenses, be sure to get a complete eye examination from your eye doctor and then head over to We sell both colored contacts and clear lenses, so you can select the exact brand and style that meets your needs. With FedEx shipping and excellent customer service, is the only place you need to go to get high-quality contacts at great prices.