With the advancements in technology and design, colored contact lenses have soared to become a popular fashion accessory by many. New lens technology means they are comfortable to wear for longer periods which leads many to question whether they can be worn overnight.

Generally, contact lenses should never be worn overnight. The exception is extended-wear contact lenses which are specifically designed for overnight wear. Even with these, they should be removed and cleaned regularly.

Currently, there are no colored contact lens equivalents for this, so lenses should always be removed, cleaned, and stored (if not wearing daily lenses) correctly.

How long you should wear contact lenses for depends on your replacement cycle and specific eye. People who suffer from dry eyes are more likely to remove their lenses earlier than those who do not. Some people will also prefer daily lenses over yearly are they allow a higher amount of oxygen to pass to the eye.

Sleeping With Colored Contact Lenses

What should I do if I sleep in my contact lenses?

If you sleep in your contact lenses you should remove them as soon as you wake up. If you are struggling to remove them, try using some rewetting drops to help ease the movement of the lens. Clean your lenses and store them as usual. If your eyes feel dry, use some rewetting drops, and avoid re-wearing your lenses for a couple of days so your eyes have a sufficient break.

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What are the dangers of sleeping in contact lenses?

In the majority of cases, there are no detrimental consequences in sleeping in your contact lenses, you may feel slight irritation or dry eyes which is uncomfortable. In a few more serious cases, sleeping in your contact lenses can lead to serious eye infections.

Can I nap in contact lenses?

As with sleeping in your lenses overnight, you should avoid napping in your lenses. Napping can also provoke irritation in the eye. If you do nap in your lenses, remove them when you wake up and put re-wetting drops in your eye. Avoid putting them back in for a couple of days.

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