Did you know that contact lenses are considered medical device and that’s why we highly recommend you visit an eyecare professional regularly to have your eyes checked. At lens.me we take the health of your eyes seriously, and want to share a few hacks we’ve discovered to help keep your contacts and your peepers in the best shape possible.

1. Contact Lens Solution

Make sure you use the right kind of solution. As long as the brand you purchase is intended for soft-contact lenses, you should be okay. Remember the solution is what helps to disinfect your lenses and keep them moist, so your contacts spend a lot of time floating around in it.

Many of our customers use BioTrue, ReNu from Bausch and Lomb, or even Opti-Free from Alcon. If your eyes are dry during the day, use eye drops that are made for contact lens wearers so that you can retain the moisture of the lens. We like ReNu MultiPlus Lubricating and Rewetting Drops.

 contact lens solution and contact lens case

Source: Acuvue.com


 2. When to replace your lenses?

You also need to be aware of the replacement schedule of your particular type of contacts. If you wear daily lenses, you must throw them out at the end of every day - no exceptions! Bi-weekly lenses will last for two weeks if you wear them every day. If you take breaks and choose to wear glasses, give these lenses a lifespan of one week instead. Monthly and yearly lenses are just like they sound - you throw them away at the end of every month, or once a year depending on the kind.


Contact lenses expire, so pay attention to the date on the package!

 replacement of contact lenses

 Source: blog.motionmedia.com


3. How to avoid eye dryness when wearing contact lenses

Have you ever worn your contacts for so long that they feel really dry and uncomfortable? There’s actually such a thing as wearing your lenses too long! Contacts prevent oxygen from reaching your eyes, so prolonged use will start to cause some irritation. In most cases, after 12 hours of continuous wear it’s time to give your eyes a break. When it comes to colored lenses, your eyes tend to dry out sooner, so 6-8 hours is about as long as you’ll want to wear them.


 4. Don't wear your contacts inside out

Just like clothing, your lenses can be inside out too! If you end up putting one in your eye that way, don’t worry. You won’t do any damage, but it won’t feel very good either. Many compare it to the feeling of an eyelash in your eye. There’s an easy way to check if your lens is backwards before inserting it - simply place it on the tip of your finger and look at its outline. If it looks like a smooth bowl, you’re good to go!

 contact lens inside out

 Source: allaboutvision.com


 5. The golden rule of hygiene when handling lenses 

Remember we talked about lens hygiene and how important it is? Your contact lens case needs to be just as clean, so it’s best to wash it out with contact lens solution. Every six months toss it and use a fresh case.


  Taking good care of your lenses is easy once you get the hang of it. Want a few more tips? Here are a few tips on how to take care of your contact lenses:

  • 1. Always wash your hands before handling your contacts or touching your eye
  • 2. Don’t ever share your contacts with anyone else
  • 3. Make sure you store your contacts at room temperature in the proper case
  • 4. Don’t sleep or swim with your lenses in
  • 5. Love makeup? Insert your lenses before finishing your look to avoid getting residue on your contacts


The next time you wear your contacts you can pat yourself on the back for following these hacks and making sure you get the most life out of your lenses!