Colored contacts shouldn’t be uncomfortable providing you have confirmation from your eyes doctor that your eyes are suitable for contacts and that you’ve bought the right brand of lenses.

We’ve listed 5 important factors to consider to ensure your lenses are as comfortable as possible.

  • Brand of Colored Contact Lenses
  • Replacement Cycle
  • Hourly Wear
  • Care Of Your Colored Contact Lenses
  • Wearing Contact Lenses Fir The First Time
  • Are Colored Contacts Uncomfortable?

    Brand of Lenses

    Colored contact lenses are available in a variety of brands, and in a variety of collections within these brands. They feature different base curves and diameters. You should check with your eye doctor, which will be the most suitable for your eye. All of our product pages specify the base curves and diameters of our lenses, or you can reach out to our customer care team for more support.

    If you have astigmatism, then you also need to consider which colored contacts you wear. Solotica produces toric lenses for astigmatism, meaning you can tailor-make your colored lenses based on your eye’s specific sphere, cylinder, axis, and base curve.

    Replacement Cycle

    Colored contacts are also available in a variety of replacement cycles: daily, monthly, quarterly, 6-monthly, and even yearly.

    Yearly lenses such as Solotica Hidrocor prove excellent value for money as you can have the eye color of your dreams in multiple prescriptions for up to one year of wear. Yearly lenses are sometimes thicker than other lenses, so people who suffer from dry eyes can struggle to wear them for long periods.

    If you suffer from dry eyes, you can try rewetting drops or opt for daily disposable colored contacts such as Solotica Aquarella, made with 58% water content; these lenses offer long-lasting comfort.

    Hourly Wear

    Colored lenses should never be slept in, and the level of comfort can be impacted by how many hours in the day you wear your contacts. How long you can wear colored contacts depends on your specific eye, but, generally, the advice is to wear contact lenses between 8-12 hours a day.

    Care Of Your Colored Lenses

    Caring for your colored lenses will allow them to last their replacement cycle and be as comfortable as possible for your eyes. If not stored correctly, your lenses could dry out, and if not handled correctly, they could encounter small tears, which will cause discomfort when you insert them. If either of these occurs in your lenses, you should discard them and purchase a new pair.

    Wearing Lenses For The First Time

    If you’re wearing lenses for the first time, then they may feel a bit strange at first. We recommend you to wear for up to 6 hours on the first day and allow your eyes to adjust to wearing them. If you experience discomfort, then you should remove the lenses, clean and store them correctly, and try again or reach out to your eye doctor.

    Ultimately the level of comfort of your lenses depends on a range of factors. Providing your eyes are suitable for lenses, you care for them correctly, and don’t exceed their daily wear limit, then colored contacts should be comfortable for your eyes and provide you with your dream eye color all day long!