Brown is the most common eye color in the world, but when you look into the depth and variety of tones you can get within this category, the possibilities are endless. Brown colored contacts come in dark, light, rich, hazelnut, and many more tones. The most popular and desired color, however, is honey brown.

5 Best Honey Brown Colored Contacts

1. Solotica Hidrocor Avela

Without a limbal ring, these lenses from our bestselling Hidrocor collection combines beautiful brown shades with subtle flecks of yellow to give an extremely natural honey brown color.

2. Amara Mocca

Newest to our collection, Amara lenses combine beautiful colors with elegance, and that’s what you will find with Mocca. Warm and light hazel tones come together seamlessly to give you the honey brown eyes of your dreams!

3. Bella Elite Wild Honey

One of the newest colors to the Bella Elite collection, Wild Honey, was quick to become a bestseller. Natural, multidimensional, and elegant, these lenses are must-have!

4. Anesthesia ONCE Honey

If you want to experiment with honey brown eyes without committing to a long-wear lens, then Anesthesia Once is perfect for you. In a convenient daily disposable, Anesthesia Once Honey will transform your eye color with a stunning blend of browns and golds.

5. Solotica Natural Colors Mel

Less traditional honey-brown that the other lenses, Natural Colors Mel from Solotica Natural Colors collection blends honey colors with pistachio shades to create a lens that delivers an earthy, natural look. Featuring a slight limbal ring, these lenses will be sure to make a few heads turn!/p>

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