Perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve returned home for a visit or maybe you’re hosting your own Thanksgiving gathering this year. Either way you go, this holiday always seems to bring a wealth of opportunities to connect with friends and family. When it comes to the people you haven’t seen in quite some time, think about the impression you want to make on them.

Sure, talking about what you’re doing at work or sharing with them about the latest excitement in your life is great, but the first thing they are going to notice is your eyes. Will your colored contacts say everything you want to without you having to speak?

The Best Colored Contacts for US Thanksgiving 2018

Solotica Natural Colors Ocre

The decor at most Thanksgiving dinners tends to include tones of brown, yellow, and orange, so what better way to make your appearance than by wearing a brown-toned lens? One of the most popular brands of colored contact lenses is Solotica, and they’ve nailed it with their Natural Colors Collection in the color Ocre. A beautiful light brown shade that features hints of light hazel to grey, Ocre compliments anyone’s complexion and is just different enough to stand out. Suddenly your grandma may start to love colored lenses after all.

Solotica Hidrocor Rio Ipanema

When you’re planning on visiting your hometown and you know you’ll be running into your crush from a few years ago, you’ll probably be more inclined to wear your colored contacts, right? Traveling for Thanksgiving dinner just got a whole lot more exciting with another of Solotica’s winners. Solotica Hidrocor Rio Parati, part of the Hidrocor Rio Collection, is a vibrant bluish green that takes on a multi-faceted tone. This colored lens does not have a limbal ring, making it look even more natural and gorgeous.

Solotica Hidrocor Rio Parati

One of the newest Solotica collections, Hidrocor Rio will take you away to a tropical Brazilian getaway even when you’re sitting at the dinner table and staring at a turkey. Parati is a light grey shade that looks amazing on both natural light and dark colored eyes. Colored contact lenses don’t always have to make a super bold statement, and with Parati, you may fool a family member or two into thinking this amazing color is natural. Both men and women look equally stunning in this latest release from Solotica Color Contact Lenses.

Anesthesia Addict Blue

At first glance, the thought of blue colored contacts may not seem very exciting, but that’s because you may not know about Anesthesia. Known for their intense colors and vibrant tones, it’s a brand that true fans of colored lenses adore. Why not compliment a snowy Thanksgiving landscape with the light shade of these lenses? Part of the Anesthesia Addict collection, Blue will cause you to be the center of attention instead of the meal you’re about to enjoy.

When it comes to wearing contacts over the holidays, make sure to put your best foot forward with these selections by Solotica and Anesthesia. Don’t forget to order an extra pair just in case, and enjoy the fast shipping and excellent customer service provided by the team at Happy holidays!