Although eyeglass fashion has come a long way for children in the past few decades, some kids who need vision correction hate the fact that they have to wear glasses. All too often, it’s a struggle to get them to wear their specs, and you may be wondering if contact lenses would be easier.

Whether you wear contact lenses yourself or you’re new to the whole idea, it’s important to remember that they are medical devices and certain considerations must be made when thinking about having your children wear them. Let’s learn more!

All About Being Clean

One of the most important aspects of wearing contact lenses, whether they are colored contacts for fashion or corrective ones, is that they can harbor bacteria and cause infections if they are not properly cared for. Contact lenses must be cleaned and stored in a particular way, and inserting them requires their own specific methods as well.

Ask yourself how clean your child typically is the next time you think about getting them contacts. Are they good at keeping their room clean and washing their hands? Do they constantly have dirt under their nails? These answers will let you know if contact lenses would be appropriate for your child.

Freaking Out with Contact Lenses

Some adults have a hard time wearing contact lenses because they cannot touch their own eye, so the thought of having a piece of plastic resting on their eye all day is just too much. Think back to your own experience of inserting contacts for the first time, if you wear them, and remember how much you freaked out the moment it touched your eye.

Could your child handle that sensation? If they are able to put in eye drops with ease and don’t seem too squeamish, then they might handle contacts just fine. On the other hand, children who have strong blink reflexes and become seriously upset when an eyelash is in their eye may have a more difficult time.

Are Your Kids Responsible Enough to Wear Contacts?

Although we feature great prices here at, contact lenses still aren’t cheap. Whether you’re looking at a daily disposable option or something that’s designed for extended wear, you can guarantee that you’ll be spending several hundred dollars each year if your child wears lenses.

Given the cost, can you count on them to be responsible? Will they remove them each day and place them in the case correctly? Do you trust them to wash their lenses in the appropriate manner to ensure they avoid eye infection? Would your child know what to do if they are out with friends and they lose one of their lenses?

It’s a tough job being a parent, and we want to do everything in our power to make our kids happy. When it comes to contact lenses, have a discussion with them to determine if they are ready, and use other clues about their behavior to see if you think it would be a good idea. When your kids are finally set for their first pair of contacts, be sure to visit for fast shipping, excellent prices, and a great selection.