There are some items that you can only purchase at certain places with handmade and local goods obviously topping the list. Other things in life can be purchased anywhere, and with our ability to acquire things online, our buying power has grown by leaps and bounds.

Where do contact lenses fall into the mix? Given that these medical devices are packaged and shipped around the world, they definitely don’t seem like an item that requires a local acquisition. On the other hand, people do enjoy the convenience of driving to their local retailer and being able to get contact lenses the same day.

Today we’ve got a great challenge on our hands, as we compare the benefits of purchasing your contact lens online from and your “big box” retailer. Let’s see who wins!

Large Selection of Brands on

While most “big box” stores focus mainly on clear corrective lenses, they don’t tend to stock very many options for colored contact lenses. Visiting a retail store and looking for something that will make your eyes pop can be harder than you’d think. At we offer a large range of colored options from bold and stunning looks to everyday subtle colors.

Top Brands of Contact Lenses on

Great Customer Service You Get from

Let’s face it - the customer service you get at a retail store can be hit or miss. Unfortunately, many of these places have a high turnover rate and are staffed by people who are just simply looking to collect a paycheck and call it a day. Not so at, where our team is committed to your satisfaction. We want your purchasing process to be the best experience possible, every single time. Reviews and Testimonials

Wide Range of Contact Lens Availability

Think back to the last time your “big box” store or even your optometrist’s office actually had your contact lenses in stock. More often than not, the combination of your particular brand and prescription needs has to be ordered from the vendor, and it can take weeks before you actually receive your lenses. The team at stocks such a large range of lenses that we offer FedEx shipping worldwide so that you can get your lenses and get back to your day.

Exclusive Brands of Contact Lenses

Try visiting your local retailer and asking them for the new Hidrocor Rio collection from Solotica. How about the Bella Colored Contact Lenses Collection? We would be shocked if they didn’t scratch their heads and say they didn’t have it in stock and also had no way to order it. That’s where really shines, with exclusive brands of colored contact lens options that aren’t available in many other places. Not only can we bring you some of the best products on the market, but we have our finger on the pulse of colored contact lenses and are the first to let you know when new items are available.

Solotica Hidrocor Rio on

So, who do you think wins when it comes to the great contact lens challenge? For fast FedEx shipping, excellent service, and the ability to purchase incredible colored contact lenses with ease, head over to today. You’ll be glad you did!