There seem to be two very distinct groups of people when it comes to fashion, makeup, and trendsetting - those who like to be bold and make loud statements and those who prefer more natural and subtle styling. Of course there can be a whole range in between when it comes to clothing or hair, but for the most part, you don’t often see someone who wants to be both out of the box and normal and the same time.

With that thought in mind, we wanted to share with you the ways in which colored contact lenses by can help you to achieve the fashion looks you’re longing for. The specific shades of each option can vary, but essentially you have two main considerations - opaque and bold or lightly tinted and natural.

Going For Colored Contacts

More often than not, individuals who love a bold colored contact lens also tend to push the envelope in other areas of style. They wear eye makeup that’s intended to attract attention and perhaps even have a super cool way of dressing. Ultimately, those who want a noticeable change to their eye color tend to choose an opaque style.

Let’s use the opaque colors from Anesthesia Colored Contact Lenses as an example, this allows you to completely change up your look. Individuals with blue or green eyes will be able to transform their natural eye color with this deeply pigmented lens, while those with naturally darker eyes will have the option to lighten things up.

Anesthesia Colored Contact Lenses on

When you want a totally new look, an opaque colored contact lens is the way to go. Owning several pairs in various colors can even add to the fun of getting to change things around. Check out the Bella Colored Contact Lenses Collection as well for more great options.

Bella Colored Contact Lenses on

Born Like This

If you love colored contact lenses but don’t want to look like a completely different person, a more subtle option is the way to go. Perhaps one of the most natural lens collections that’s available at is the Solotica Brand line-up. Soft edges make these lenses look very subtle and the colors are lovely without looking too intense.

Solotica Colored Contact Lenses

The lighter tones from all collections will certainly blend with your own natural shade, so if you have brown eyes and opt for a light grey or blue shade, expect a unique color that’s all your own! On the other hand, those with naturally light eyes will notice an overall darkening effect if you choose something that has a brown base.

Colored contact lenses not only help you see clearly if you are in need of vision correction but they can go a long way toward helping you to achieve the fashion look you’ve always wanted. Ready to go bold or do you prefer to stay soft and natural? Whatever style statement you want to make can be yours with the fantastic selection at The next time you’re in need of contact lenses, enjoy our fast FedEx shipping and great prices!