Summer weather typically means that people are more active outdoors, and if you’re the competitive type, you probably engage in at least one or two sports during these hot months. Whether it’s playing basketball, football, or even more obscure sports like wrestling, needing vision correction can sometimes get in the way.

If you want to be able to see but don’t want to risk breaking your frames, what can you do? Thankfully here at we don’t just offer colored contact lenses for fashion looks - we also stock a wide range of clear medical contact lenses for a variety of uses.

Reviewing Your Options

When the sports lover in you just has to come out and you can’t help but join every competitive team in your area, your glasses are probably the last thing on your mind. Once you get to the course, field, or whatever arena you’re competing in, perhaps your focus might shift toward the protection of your frames.

Which options are the best for you? Let’s briefly review some ways to handle this issue:


  • 1. Wear your glasses anyway - If you’re playing in a non-contact sport you might decide that it’s worth the risk to wear your glasses during play. However, time and time again a basketball to the face can happen and in most cases, it will instantly damage your eyeglasses.
  • 2. Go without - Sports like swimming are obvious situations where you’d go without vision correction, but what about instances where you have to be able to see far away? Football takes on a whole new meaning if you can’t tell where your teammates are halfway down the field.
  • 3. Try sports goggles - A popular option is to get prescription sports glasses made, but these only work for a number of people. Because these goggles are often designed with a steep wrap to them, only certain prescriptions will actually fit. Additionally, they can be quite expensive and aren’t always the most fashionable.


Thinking About Contact Lenses

If none of the above solutions sounds like the right one for you, perhaps it’s time to think about wearing contact lenses. Of course you’ll have to visit your eye care professional, but he or she should be able to fit you with lenses and write out a prescription for you with ease.

Once you have your prescription in hand, head over to to explore the range of contact lenses we have available. While we stock well-known brands with clear lenses, you could also decide to have a little fun and opt for a colored contact lens too.

The options are endless and your sports performance will take on a whole new meaning once you don’t have to worry about your vision. Imagine passing the ball, running the laps, or making the shot with ease because you can see without wearing your glasses!

The pricing and customer service at is unmatched and we send all contact lenses in express priority shipping to make sure you have them in time for your big game. This summer, give contact lenses a try and see how your world changes!