The beauty mogul, originally celebrated for her pioneering makeup tutorials, has once again captured the industry's attention with an intriguing announcement that's set the beauty world abuzz. Huda took to her Instagram page, a platform where millions hang onto her every word and swatch, to unveil her latest venture. Yet, this time, it's not about the eyeshadows, lipsticks, or foundations that have become synonymous with her brand, Huda Beauty. Instead, Huda is setting her sights on a more intimate aspect of beauty enhancement: color contact lenses. But there's a twist – this launch will not bear the Huda Beauty label. Instead, it's a collaboration with an undisclosed color contact lens brand, sparking widespread speculation and excitement.

LATEST UPDATE: Huda's Game-Changing Color Contact Lens Collaboration with Diva Lenses

In an exciting update to the beauty industry, Huda Kattan, a figure synonymous with cutting-edge beauty innovations, has recently announced her latest venture—a collaboration with Diva Lenses, a color contact lens brand renowned in the Gulf region for its natural-looking brown and deep gray shades. This collaboration marks a significant milestone as it is Huda's first foray into the color contact lens market, showcasing her versatility and eagerness to explore new beauty frontiers. On March 13th, the beauty mogul revealed that this partnership aims to enhance the natural beauty of dark brown eyes with a collection focused on warm brown hues. The collection introduces four distinct colors:

Huda Beauty Color Contact Lenses Collaboration with Diva Lenses

Diva Beton by Huda Kattan: Celebrated as Huda's new favorite, Beton offers a captivating brown hue that enhances the eye's natural beauty without the need for a limbal ring. The unique starburst print pattern of these lenses not only enlarges the iris but also provides a natural, yet profound, eye color transformation.

Diva Gala by Huda Kattan: Gala steps in as the enchanting green hazel counterpart to Beton, designed for those seeking a subtle yet impactful change to their dark brown eyes. This shade is perfect for achieving a soft hazel gaze that naturally catches the light, ideal for everyday wear.

Diva Lili by Huda Kattan: Dive deeper into hazel with Lili, a shade that presents a more intense hazel color, making it the go-to choice for a "no makeup" makeup look. Its deeper hue complements nude eyeshadows beautifully, offering a stunning yet understated eye color change.

Diva Eitan by Huda Kattan: For a warmer hazel tone that promises a subtle pop of color, Eitan is unmatched. These lenses are expertly crafted to blend seamlessly with your natural eye color, especially under daylight, offering a radiant and warm aesthetic.

Further enriching this launch, it has been announced that the Huda x Diva color contact lenses are available for both non-prescription and prescription color contact lens wearers, catering to a broad spectrum of consumers. Enthusiasts can place their orders online through, which promises fast shipping across a global scale, including the US, Canada, UK, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, UAE, Europe, Australia, and beyond. This accessibility broadens the reach of Huda's collaboration, allowing a diverse audience to experience the transformative power of these lenses. The launch not only reflects Huda's commitment to innovation in beauty enhancement but also her understanding of the needs and desires of her global audience. By providing an option for prescription lenses, Huda ensures that the allure of colored contacts is accessible to all, blending the worlds of vision correction and aesthetic beauty enhancement seamlessly. This strategic move reaffirms Huda Kattan's position as a forward-thinking leader in the beauty industry, constantly pushing the boundaries to cater to her audience's evolving needs.

Original Article: Huda Kattan x The Mystery Collaboration - Solotica, Bella, or An Unforeseen Contender?

The allure and speculation surrounding Huda Kattan's upcoming collaboration in the world of color contact lenses have the beauty community buzzing with anticipation. Huda's personal history with color contact lenses adds a layer of intimacy to this venture, highlighting her genuine affinity for the product. From her early days experimenting with her look to her current need for prescription colored contacts, Huda has consistently championed the transformative power of colored contacts. Her preferences, notably for Solotica's Natural Colors Ocre and Mel, alongside selections from the Bella Natural collection, suggest a deep appreciation for the iris-enlarging effect and the significant impact these accessories can have on one's appearance. This history not only provides insight into Huda's aesthetic preferences but also hints at potential collaborations that could perfectly align with her brand's ethos of empowerment and transformation.

The speculation about the potential collaborator has ignited a flurry of discussions among fans and industry observers alike. Solotica stands out as a likely candidate due to its established reputation, having been reviewed by Allure, Insider Beauty, and NYLON as the world's most natural colored contact lens brand. Hailing from Brazil and with Huda's personal use of their products, this suggests a natural partnership based on mutual respect and shared values in beauty innovation. On the other hand, Bella, with its diverse range of natural-looking lenses, could offer a fresh perspective and new aesthetic direction for Huda's venture. Both brands align with Huda's dedication to quality and beauty enhancement, making them strong contenders for the collaboration. Yet, the intrigue doesn't stop there. Huda's decision to keep the brand identity a secret has only fueled further speculation, suggesting she may be looking to surprise her audience with an unexpected partnership.

2024 Beauty Reveal: Huda Kattan To Launch Color Contact Lenses

The possibility of Huda collaborating with a regional powerhouse like Amara or Anesthesia introduces an exciting dynamic to the conversation. These brands, known for their significant collaborations and celebrity endorsements, resonate well with the Middle Eastern market and beyond. Amara's recent collaboration with Georgina Rodriguez and Anesthesia's strong ties with influencers and celebrities across the Gulf region exemplify their influential presence in the beauty industry. A partnership with either could leverage Huda's extensive reach and profound impact on the global beauty landscape, potentially bringing a unique blend of regional aesthetics and international appeal to the forefront. This collaboration could mark a pivotal moment in the industry, showcasing the rich diversity and creative potential of Middle Eastern beauty brands on a global stage.

As speculation swirls, the beauty community eagerly awaits the reveal, poised for what promises to be a game-changing addition to the world of cosmetic enhancement. Huda Kattan's foray into color contact lenses, backed by her personal journey and professional acumen, is not just about introducing a new product. It's about redefining beauty standards, embracing innovation, and celebrating the transformative power of personal aesthetics. Whichever brand emerges as Huda's collaborator, the partnership is poised to encapsulate the essence of beauty transformation, underpinned by a shared vision for excellence and empowerment. As we stand on the cusp of this exciting reveal, one thing is clear: Huda Kattan continues to redefine the boundaries of beauty, ensuring that her ventures not only captivate but inspire a global audience.

Huda Kattan: The Journey from Makeup Influencer to Beauty Titan

Tracing the remarkable trajectory of Huda Kattan's career reveals a story of ambition, innovation, and unwavering dedication to beauty. Huda's entry into the beauty industry was marked by her role as a makeup artist and influencer, where her unique ability to connect with followers and provide valuable insights into beauty techniques quickly set her apart. In 2013, she leveraged her growing influence to launch Huda Beauty, a brand that would soon become synonymous with high-quality, innovative makeup products. The initial success of her false eyelashes, which gained acclaim from celebrities and makeup enthusiasts alike, was just the beginning. Huda's commitment to excellence saw her rapidly expand the brand's offerings, introducing a wide range of products that addressed the diverse needs of her global audience. The launch of the Rose Gold eyeshadow palette and the #FauxFilter foundation, among others, were not just successful product releases; they were pivotal moments that helped shape the industry's direction, emphasizing quality, inclusivity, and innovation.

The ascent of Huda Beauty in the global market is a testament to Huda Kattan's visionary leadership and her acute understanding of the beauty landscape. From its inception, Huda Beauty was more than just a makeup brand; it was a platform for empowerment, self-expression, and community building. Huda's ability to foresee and set beauty trends positioned her as a pivotal figure in the industry, influencing not just what products were in demand but also how beauty was perceived and talked about. Her commitment to diversity and inclusivity, particularly in shades and product formulations, helped to broaden the industry's appeal and ensure that beauty enthusiasts of all skin tones felt represented and valued. This inclusive approach, coupled with a relentless pursuit of innovation, catapulted Huda Beauty into an esteemed position, with the brand's valuation reflecting its monumental success and influence in shaping contemporary beauty standards.

Huda Kattan is behind Huda Beauty Makeup Brand

In 2020, amidst the height of Huda Beauty's success, Huda Kattan made the personal decision to step back from her role as CEO. This period of transition allowed her to focus on her personal life, family, and other pursuits, underscoring the importance of balance and well-being in her life. However, Huda's passion for her work and her commitment to the brand she built from the ground up remained undiminished. Her recent announcement of returning as CEO of Huda Beauty has been met with widespread excitement and support from both fans and industry insiders. This return is not just a reclamation of her position; it's a promise of a new chapter of innovation and growth for Huda Beauty. With a renewed focus on product development, Huda's leadership is set to usher in a new era for the brand, starting with the highly anticipated launch of the color contact lenses collaboration. This move signifies Huda's ongoing commitment to pushing the boundaries of beauty and offering products that resonate with and empower her audience.

Huda Kattan's journey from a makeup artist and influencer to the helm of a global beauty empire encapsulates the essence of entrepreneurial spirit and innovation. Her upcoming venture into color contact lenses is a reflection of her continuous desire to explore new facets of beauty and provide her audience with products that enhance and celebrate their individuality. As Huda reassumes her role as CEO, the beauty world watches with anticipation, ready for the next chapter of Huda Beauty's evolution. This venture is more than just a product launch; it's a testament to Huda's relentless pursuit of excellence and her unwavering commitment to the brand's core values of inclusivity, quality, and innovation. With Huda Kattan at the helm, Huda Beauty is poised to continue its legacy as a brand that not only anticipates beauty trends but creates them, shaping the future of the industry in the process.

Looking Ahead of Huda Kattan’s Color Contact Lenses

As the beauty world eagerly anticipates the unveiling of Huda Kattan's latest endeavor into color contact lenses, the excitement reached new heights with her announcement that the new website goes live on April 29, 2024. This pivotal moment marks not just the launch of a product but heralds a new chapter in the beauty narrative—one that Huda has been scripting with her visionary approach to beauty and empowerment. The countdown to the website launch has ignited a fervor of anticipation, promising an immersive experience that encapsulates Huda's dedication to innovation and her unwavering belief in beauty's transformative power. This is more than a launch; it's a celebration of identity, creativity, and the endless possibilities that lie in the art of transformation.

Huda's venture into color contact lenses, in collaboration with a yet-to-be-revealed brand, is set to challenge and expand the conventional boundaries of beauty. This collaboration, whether with industry giants like Solotica or Bella or perhaps an unexpected dark horse, is poised to introduce a new era of beauty accessories that enhance, transform, and empower. The anticipation of this partnership reflects Huda's knack for pioneering trends that resonate deeply with her audience's desires for authenticity and transformation. The upcoming website launch not only offers a platform for this innovative product but also signifies Huda's commitment to providing a holistic beauty experience that transcends the norms and invites everyone to explore and express their unique selves through the art of beauty.

Huda Kattan to Launch Color Contact Lenses In A Collaboration

Huda Kattan's journey—from a passionate makeup influencer to a global beauty mogul—has been characterized by her ambition, creativity, and an unyielding commitment to pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the beauty world. Her return as CEO of Huda Beauty and the introduction of color contact lenses into her repertoire are a testament to her vision of a beauty brand that not only sets trends but also creates a lasting legacy. This launch is a reflection of Huda's desire to continue innovating and inspiring, encouraging individuals around the world to embrace their beauty, both inside and out.

The launch of this new venture is a vibrant thread, weaving together innovation, empowerment, and personal expression. The upcoming website debut on April 29, 2024, is not just a milestone for Huda Beauty but a landmark event for the beauty community at large. It embodies Huda's journey of transformation and her dedication to offering products that empower individuals to explore and express their identities. In Huda's colorful world, beauty transcends the superficial, serving as a tool for empowerment and a means to redefine oneself on one's own terms. As we stand on the brink of this exciting launch, the beauty world watches with bated breath, ready to embrace the new horizons that Huda Kattan continues to unveil.