The world of beauty is constantly evolving, introducing new ways to enhance natural allure with subtle yet impactful changes. Among the most captivating innovations are Colored contacts, which have gained a dedicated following for their ability to transform one's appearance with a mere change in eye color. Within this dynamic arena, the Amara Georgina Rodriguez color contact lens collection stands as a testament to the marriage of fashion and vision technology. Launched with an array of six enchanting colors, this collection has not only captured the gaze of the beauty industry but has also held it, unwaveringly, with its promise of quality and style.

6 New Colors from Amara Georgina Rodriguez Contact Lenses launched on

Expanding upon the success of its initial offerings, Amara is thrilled to unveil four new monthly colors to the Georgina Rodriguez collection. Each hue has been carefully curated to embody the elegance and charm that the collaboration is renowned for. These new additions promise to be a delight for enthusiasts and newcomers alike, providing fresh options to personalize one's look. From the subtle warmth of a morning café to the refreshing zest of nature, the new colors offer a spectrum of possibilities for anyone looking to enhance their eyes with a touch of artistry.

Moreover, the excitement within the Amara family is palpable as we announce the exclusive launch of the Amara One-Day Georgina Rodriguez expanding collection. These two new daily disposable lenses offer the perfect blend of convenience and style, ensuring that each day can be met with a fresh pair of eyes. This expansion speaks volumes of the brand's commitment to innovation and its understanding of the modern consumer's desire for variety and flexibility in their beauty routines. As we prepare to explore the unique characteristics of each new color, it's clear that the Amara Georgina Rodriguez collection is not just following trends—it's setting them.

6 New Colors from Amara Georgina Rodriguez Collection Revealed

Before diving deep into the ocean of colors that Amara has brought forth, let's introduce the shades that are about to become a staple in every beauty enthusiast's collection. 'Toffee' and 'Shark Gray' are the stars of the new Amara One-Day line, while 'Amara Biscuit,' 'Amara Almond,' 'Amara Choco,' and 'Amara Matcha' join the ranks of the monthly disposables. Each color not only promises to accentuate the beauty of dark brown eyes but also offers a narrative that transcends mere color, telling stories of elegance, boldness, and nature.

Amara Biscuit (Monthly Colored Contacts)

Amara Biscuit color contact lens is a celebration of subtle beauty, evoking the warmth and comfort of a morning brew. The lens color, reminiscent of soft, sandy shores, brings a gentle enhancement to the wearer’s eyes, akin to the first light of dawn that paints everything in a golden hue. Behind its design lies a philosophy of natural elegance, where the goal is not to overshadow but to elevate the wearer's innate charm. This hue is perfect for those who seek to enhance their everyday look with a touch of grace and softness that whispers rather than shouts.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez Color Contact Lens New Color - Biscuit

On the canvas of dark brown eyes, Amara Biscuit is nothing short of transformative. It adds a layer of sunlit brilliance, creating an illusion of depth that makes the eyes appear more vibrant and expressive. The unique blend of color pigments is engineered to complement the rich tones of brown eyes, ensuring that the transition from the natural eye color to the lens is seamless and natural. Whether paired with a bold makeup look for a night out or a simple, no-makeup day, Amara Biscuit is versatile, offering a spectrum of styling possibilities.

Amara Almond

Amara Almond takes inspiration from the earthy, comforting tones of its namesake nut, inviting wearers to a world of understated beauty. This color is a symphony of natural browns, meticulously balanced to flatter all skin tones, creating a harmonious and warm look that's inviting and sophisticated. The lens is crafted to not only look beautiful but to feel comfortable for all-day wear, integrating seamlessly into any beauty regimen. It's a nod to those who appreciate the subtleties of natural aesthetics, making it an indispensable addition to one's eye color repertoire.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez Color Contact Lens New Color - Almond

For those with dark brown eyes, Amara Almond offers an opportunity to lighten and brighten their gaze while maintaining a natural appearance. The multi-tonal lenses add dimension and depth, catching the light in a way that highlights the eyes' natural beauty. They are perfect for individuals who aim to make a statement in the most refined manner. Whether it's a business meeting or a casual gathering, Amara Almond provides a boost of confidence with its eye-catching yet sophisticated enhancement.

Amara Choco (Monthly Colored Contacts)

Amara Choco lenses are a homage to the indulgent richness of chocolate itself, designed for those who covet depth and dimension in their eye color. This hue is a masterful blend of luxurious dark brown with hints of lighter, caramel-infused tones, creating a dramatic yet wearable look. The unique print pattern on the lens mimics the intricate swirls of a chocolate whirl, bringing a sense of allure and mystery to the wearer's eyes. These monthly disposable lenses are for the bold, for those who wish to envelop their gaze in the decadence of a confectionery masterpiece.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez Color Contact Lens New Color - Choco

Against the backdrop of dark brown eyes, Amara Choco stands out with its ability to add complexity and a multi-dimensional look. The interplay of dark and light browns enhances the natural color, making the eyes appear more dynamic and striking. These lenses are perfect for creating a focal point in one’s appearance, ensuring that your eyes become the centerpiece of conversation. Whether it's complementing an avant-garde outfit or adding an edge to classic looks, Amara Choco is the quintessence of statement-making beauty.

Amara Matcha (Monthly Colored Contacts)

Amara Matcha invites you to embrace the serenity and vitality of nature with its refreshing green tones that draw inspiration from the tranquil Japanese tea gardens. This color is for the adventurous at heart, offering a unique departure from traditional lens colors with its vibrant yet earthy hue. The design captures the essence of Matcha tea — organic, invigorating, and pure. These lenses are an invitation to experiment with your look, to inject a sense of playfulness and energy into your daily beauty routine.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez Color Contact Lens New Color - Matcha

When paired with dark brown eyes, the Amara Matcha lenses bloom with an extraordinary vibrancy, providing a stark yet harmonious contrast. The green tones illuminate the eyes, offering a stunning and unexpected pop of color that's sure to garner admiration. These lenses are not just about changing eye color, they're about embodying a mood, a character, and a presence that's as enlivening as it is beautiful. Amara Matcha is perfect for days when you want your eyes to speak volumes, for moments when you want to stand out with grace and vivacity.

Amara Toffee (One-Day Colored Contacts)

Unveil the subtle beauty of Amara Toffee, the daily disposable lens from the Georgina Rodriguez One Day collection that brings a sweet, understated elegance to your eyes. Like the delightful confection after which it's named, this lens offers a creamy, rich brown hue that wraps the eyes in warmth and comfort. The delicate blending of colors in these lenses is crafted to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes without overshadowing them, providing a boost to your everyday look with its buttery smooth presence. Perfect for those who value a touch of sweetness in their daily routine, Amara Toffee lenses offer a delectable aesthetic that is effortlessly chic and endlessly versatile.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez Color Contact Lens New Color - Toffee

The beauty of Amara Toffee truly shines when set against the canvas of dark brown eyes. The lens works in harmony with the natural eye color, adding a light, caramelized layer that brightens and enlivens the gaze. For the wearer, this means a charmingly subtle transformation that is suitable for any setting, from the most formal events to casual everyday encounters. The ease of a daily disposable lens, combined with the rich, inviting color of Toffee, makes this choice not only convenient but also a stylish statement that's as easy to wear as it is beautiful.

Amara Shark Gray (One-Day Colored Contacts)

Dive into the enigmatic allure of Amara Shark Gray, a part of the exclusive One Day collection by Georgina Rodriguez that redefines the essence of eye color. This daily disposable lens draws its inspiration from the sleek, powerful grace of the ocean's apex predator, encapsulating a color that's both commanding and mysterious. Shark Gray is not just a color, it's an attitude, a modern hue for the contemporary individual who embraces the dynamism of life. The nuanced blend of gray tones imbued in these lenses is designed to stand out, offering a striking contrast that's as deep as the ocean and as refined as the creatures that dwell within.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez Color Contact Lens New Color - Shark Gray

For color contact lens wearers with dark brown eyes, Amara Shark Gray offers an impressive contrast that's bold yet beautifully balanced. The cool gray tones provide a dramatic change that's still natural-looking, ensuring that your eyes captivate and command attention. These lenses are perfect for those who are looking to make a statement with their eyes, whether it's in a professional atmosphere or at an avant-garde social gathering. The convenience of a daily disposable lens, paired with the transformative power of Shark Gray, empowers you to redefine your look every day with confidence and style.

In the ever-evolving landscape of beauty, Amara Georgina Rodriguez collection stands as a beacon of innovation and elegance. The addition of the four new monthly colors and the exclusive Amara One Day line is more than just an expansion—it's a celebration of individuality and a testament to the transformative power of colored contacts. Each lens in this carefully curated selection offers a window into a world where the eyes not only reflect one's personality but also become a canvas for artistry and self-expression.

Amara Georgina Rodriguez color contact lens collection invites us to look beyond the conventional and explore the depths of our own beauty through the captivating allure of these exceptional contact lenses. Whether you’re into non-prescription colored contacts to transform your dark eyes or in need of prescription colored contacts to correct your vision, these new selections from Amara Georgina Rodriguez color lens collection promise a story as unique as the wearers. So go ahead, choose your shade, and step out into the world with a gaze that's all your own, confident that your eyes are not just seen but truly remembered.